The Garden Patch GrowBox :: 2008 Star Customers

2008 Star Customers

2008 Star Customers



I want to share a picture and some of our tasty results. Having never gardened before -- me and my 4 year old, Grant, hit the jack pot! We grew everything from yummy hot and sweet peppers as seen in this picture to a bumper crop of tomatoes and watermelons. We had a summer filled with harvesting and eating!

-Marc & Grant M. Meridian, ID

02 Stoystown PA.JPG

These are pictures of tomatoes, peppers and watermelon. They are yellow pear and loaded with tomatoes.The peppers are hot and there are plenty on the plants.

-Gary and Ruth H. Stoystown, PA

03 Bedford VA.JPG

We've got ten of your planters on the porch and have had some amazing production

-Doug F. Bedford, VA

04 Rockaway Park NY.jpg

Two months after planting my boxes. I have yielded over 1 dz zucchini's. My tomato plants are so tall (I am 5 feet, 6 inches tall) and are starting to get lots of fruit. Eggplant, with over 2 dz young fruit growing! I have already made pesto with my basil 5 times. It doesn't stop growing!!! The last photo is of the same plants, from the same 6 pack, planted the same day in the Grow Boxes. They are about 2 feet tall at the most! What a difference. Not bad for a NY city back porch! Thank you for such a fun summer and lots of good vegetables and herbs to eat. With the economy the way it is, I really saved alot of money growing for myself. ...I got my daughter into it and my 90 and 92 year old inlaws. You should have seen the amount of tomatoes they got! It's amazing what you can grow on a city porch!

-Denise S. Rockaway Park, NY

05 Manassas VA.JPG

I am so thrilled with the amount of peppers and tomatoes that we have.Thank you so much Garden patch.

-Jane T. Manassas, VA

06 Minneapolis MN.jpg

David P. Minneapolis, MN

07 Port Angeles WA.JPG

Loving this style of gardening!! I especially like the fact that you are able to skip watering every day as you do with other garden planters. Looking forward to trying other vegetables next year!!

-Nita M. Port Angeles, WA

08 Los Angeles CA.JPG

We weren't sure these would work, but it's amazing! Home grown tomatoes on our roof in the middle of LA! The fruit keeps on coming! Thanks so much!!

-Grace & Albie Los Angeles, CA

09 Middletown NY.jpg

Fabulous! Best plants I've ever grown!

-Kristinn Y. Middletown, NY

10 Vancouver WA.JPG

These pictures are of grape tomato plants that I planted last year. As you can see, they took over the whole area. We had hundreds of them, as season came to an end, the ground was red with the left overs after a fall rain storm. I absolutely love this planter and the results show that they really work !!! These plants ended up over 8 1/2 ft tall, I picked them from both sides of my fence, this box is the most amazing thing ever invented my opinion!

-Bob T. Vancover, WA

11 Westerly RI.jpg

I can’t believe all I had to do to get these big beautiful plants was to just fill the box, put the seeds or plants in, water, and just watch them grow. It’s incredible! Alex just loves coming over and helping nana to water all the plants. Everything is growing so big! Lana loves being in my veggie jungle. Help! I need more grow boxes for all the grandkids! David, Alex, Lana & Ethan, everyone wants to get in on watering and especially eating all the vegetables.

-The Maine Family Westerly, RI

12 West Chester OH.jpg

Attached are three pictures.. two from the tomatoes and peppers in my Garden Patch boxes. A third picture shows my regular garden. My wife is the human measuring stick. I grew plants for both my regular garden and the Garden Patch boxes from the same batch of seeds. ..and look at the DIFFERENCE! In my regular garden are peppers less than a foot tall and tomatoes less than 3 feet tall. The garden boxes have peppers more than two feet tall and tomatoes plants over 6 feet tall. Fruit abounds from the plants on the Garden Boxes. Best testimonial that can be found... see the difference from plants from the same crop of seedlings. What a difference! Greg West P.S.. This is the first year my garden out performed my neighbor's garden!

-The West Family West Chester, OH

13 Eldora IA.jpg

My pepper plants are going crazy!! They are loaded with peppers!

-Kathy B. Eldora, IA

14 Carver MN.JPG

I decided to try your planters this year after several years of my tomato plants being ravaged by soil borne illness in my garden. To my great surprise, my tomatoes have grown larger, faster and healthier in your planters than they have ever done in my garden. As you can see the tomatoes are already taller than I am (6'2") and are loaded with fruit. I am very impressed. You have a great product that I would eagerly recommend.

-Mark F. Carver, MN

15 Bedford VA.JPG

My Dad tried the Garden Patch growers last year and fell in love with them. We got him more Grow Boxes this year for Father's Day and he is going to town growing different veggies and fruits. My Dad loves to experiment and these boxes have been amazing and they are SO easy. He's growing leaf lettuce, squash, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupe and so much more. My sister, Kristin, and I have decided to purchase our own grow boxes for next year. Neither one of us have a green thumb but the Grow Boxes seem impossible to mess up. Thanks for a great Product!

-Suzanne P. Bedford, VA

16 Cincinnati OH.jpg

We live in a brownstone in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. There is very little space to plant tomatoes in our back lot and even less sun to do it in. I have struggled for years to get anything to consistently grow back there. This year I decided to try the Garden Patch planter. It allowed me to place the plants directly in our little patch of sun. As you can see they are doing very well.

-Erik & Max B. Cincinnati, OH

17 Boulder CO.JPG

My mother bought two tomato boxes this year - on for my father and one for my brother. Daddy LOVES his. He decided to put it in an old wagon so he could wheel it in and out of the sun, hail, wind and all the other weather we have in Kansas. He also thought it would be handy to take it into the kitchen to pick and eat right at the kitchen table. He's had a blast with it this year! Thanks for such a great product!

-Wendy & Rocky H. Marion, KS - Boulder, CO

18 Eveleth MN.jpg

We are sun challenged in our yard so we placed the boxes on our 2nd story deck where they thrived. These are early season photos- we produced many pounds of delicious, fresh vegetebles.

-Penny C. Eveleth, MN

19 Las Vegas NV.jpg

After my grandma saw my tomatoes growing successfully in Las Vegas with your boxes she wanted some for herself! Now she is growing 4 different Tomatoes, peppers, camoyte and parsley on a 2nd story deck in Creastline, CA. I love hearing her talk about the fresh veggies she picks for dinner and she loves how easy it is to have a garden again! Thanks so much!

-Jennifer & Elisa V. Las Vegas, NV

20 Powder Springs GA.JPG

My daughter, Beth, in front of 8-10 foot tomato plants

-Jason & Beth B. Powder Springs, GA

21 Depew NY.jpg

Hello, Garden Patch folks! I can't begin to tell you how much we are enjoying our Garden Patch products! We have a yard that is much too shady for a vegetable garden, and had great success this year with your planters, which we were able to place in sunny areas of the driveway and patio. While others in our area had diminished crops due to a rainier-than-usual summer, we have been harvesting tomotoes and peppers daily, with plenty to share with friends and family!

-Alana J. Depew, NY

22 Clever MO.JPG

Amazing Green Chile Plants in Missouri!! I was very impressed with your product, and found this to be the only way to grow our favorite Green Chile in the middle of Missouri!! I was amazed at the size and production of the plants using your product.

-Dale F. Clever, MO

23 Laflin PA.jpg

The Lafata Family, Laflin, PA

24 Monroe CT.JPG

Greetings, I am sending a picture of my wonderful patch of tomatoes! I live in CT where the soil is so rocky that it takes days to dig a small hole for planting. Hence, the garden patch solution is simply a joy. Thank you, thank you. I plan to have more containers next year.

-Christina S. Monroe, CT

25 Memphis TN.jpg

Our roof top garden in downtown Memphis. The planters are amazing! We now have 20!

-Robert M. Memphis, TN

26 Colorado Springs CO.jpg

Here is Isabella sitting by my tomato plants. She checks the "green tennis balls" every morning to see if they are ripe yet. I have already had two delicious tomatoes from these two plants and they are covered with flowers. Last year my two plants produced 95 tomatoes. I love having tomatoes right on the deck!

-Linda W. Colorado Springs, CO

27 San Jose CA.jpg

Out of my tomatoes, I gave to eight other families and still have a lot for my own family. I also share my eggplant to 3 families and they really enjoy eating them. I harvested a whole lot of vegetables this summer. Enjoyable to watch all my vegetables growing everyday. Thank you for such a good invention.

-Olivia L. San Jose, CA