The Garden Patch GrowBox :: Garden Patch GrowBox :: GOOD - 3 GrowBoxes For Only $105.00 including S&H - You Save $5.70!

GOOD - 3 GrowBoxes For Only $105.00 including S&H - You Save $5.70!

GOOD - 3 GrowBoxes For Only $105.00 including S&H - You Save $5.70!

GOOD - 3 GrowBoxes For Only $105.00 including S&H - You Save $5.70!
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Weight 15.00 lbs
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Our price : $105.00
Retail price : $110.70
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Buy 3, pay only $105.00.
Grow Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more.

The Garden Patch. The only garden tool you’ll ever need. Comes complete with fertilizer, simple instructions and planting guide. Tough UV treated construction lasts a lifetime. 28”L x 14”W x 12”H. 4 gal. water well. Green or Terra Cotta. New Designer Colors Now Available for an additional $8 each - Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant and Lime.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Roberta Drolet-Hogan
    Unable to review, I am just now ordering the product. I would like to see a review from a person who has actually USED the product.
  • Author: Marilyn Narasaki
    Unable to review as I am just now ordering the product.
  • Author: Pat Monrose
    I have used these boxes for 2 years now and I live in Brooklyn New York. I used my first one on my apartment balcony and grow wonderful tomatoes. Just bought a home in queens and buying 3 more. These are great for growing vegetables and it is as easy as adding plants and then watering.
  • Author: Christine Varvaro
    I am just buying the boxes, getting to old to cart the hose and all the other stuff
  • Author: billy donner
    i'm buying 3 of them, will let ya'll know how they do.
  • Author: Angela Lewis
    Didn't get to review this product. But I'm ordering 3. I'll give ya'll and full truthful review after I see how well it does or not.
  • Author: Joelle Hendrickson
    This place is anabsolute rip-off. They take your money, send you nothing, and then give you a bunch if excuses as to why they can't get you your product. They say they can not expedite shipping - Have they never heard of UPS? Fed-Ex? No it is not that, they just no NOTHING about customer satisfaction. I shloud have had my boxes by Thursda or Friday (19th or 20th), didnt get them. Was told I would have them Monday (23rd) It is now the 25th, I don't have them, and they haven't even shipped yet. They are waiting for nutripatches, which come from a secondary warehouse 2x a day, but they still can't tell me when I will get my boxes?!
    There are problems with the security certificate for this site? Well there are alot of other problems with the company itself. I will re-post this on their facebook page also.
  • Author: Sherry Crossley
    My word, Joelle .. I've dealt with this company for 4 years, now have 16 grow boxes and 4 more to come soon, plus I sent 4 to my son for his birthday, and they have been nothing but nice, cooperative, and swift including to fix a problem. And I have gardened since 1973 and have never had this good of yields, and the exact same plant variety TASTES a LOT better when grown in these boxes. I cannot lift, bend, pull, or reach now, but I have a gorgeous garden in these, with the plants bearing longer and only having to water twice to three times a week and harvest, once the plants are in. No weeding, hoeing, far fewer problems with bugs or diseases, and almost no work, except picking more crops than before. Hope you get it worked out, and find the same thing, for yourself. :)
  • Author: Suzanne
    I have used these boxes for three years now and I love them. My tomatoes grow like crazy and I have gotten a great yield from my eggplant this year. I highly recommend purchasing the cages to keep the tomato plants upright. My cherry tomato plants are up to 8 ft this summer!
  • Author: D.A. Morrison
    Just ordered today. I hope Sherry and Suzanne are right, not Joelle! I'll let you know.
  • Author: Brent Dolby
    I placed my order minutes ago, I will come back in June with a report.
  • Author: Alline Cheatham
    Just ordering...thinking about three boxes but after reading what Joelle wrote...maybe best if I only order one and find out how that one works...let you all know ...hopefully in June
  • Author: Rene Santiago
    I learned about them last year, 2016, waited till this year May, 2017. Found out with the box you do not get a plant with it. You have to buy your own. The picture suggests it does. I will order 3 boxes to start with. I hope delivery is as promised, 7 to 10 business days.