The Garden Patch GrowBox :: Garden Patch GrowBox :: The ORIGINAL Garden Patch only $29.95 each plus $6.95 S&H

The ORIGINAL Garden Patch only $29.95 each plus $6.95 S&H

The ORIGINAL Garden Patch only $29.95 each plus $6.95 S&H

The ORIGINAL Garden Patch only $29.95 each plus $6.95 S&H
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The Garden Patch. The only garden tool youll ever need. Comes complete with fertilizer, simple instructions and planting guide. Tough UV treated construction lasts a lifetime. 28L x 14W x 12H. 4 gal. water well. Green or Terra Cotta. New Designer Colors Now Available for an additional $8 each - Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant and Lime.

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  • Author: Delora Griffin
    I bought 2 sets last year (2011) and was surprised at how easy it was to grow tomatoes. I live in a condo and had great luck growing vegetables on my deck.
  • Author: William Thesing
    We have limited growing space with large driveway & parking lot. The soil along our driveway had become somewhat depleted over the years. Since I had just built a new 2nd story deck on the rear of my shop, it was an ideal place to put the grow boxes (4). We planted tomatoes, 3 types of peppers, & some herbs. We had more than we could possibly use. The location gets sun from sunrise to sunset, and I was amazed at the output our first time around (2011). I am ordering a few for my parents as a gift, plus adding a couple more for watermelons for myself. No more soil conditioning and expense. this was much less work & far cheaper in the long run. I am trying the new staking kits this year.
  • Author: Bruce Jenne
    We tried two of these grow boxes last year. It was amazing how the plants grew, 8 or 10 feet tall. We did have some issues with blossom end rot and added some lime to the water reservoir which seemed to take care of the problem. Also some problems battling white flies and tomato worms late in the season. Three regular plants produced over 60 tomatoes and one grape tomato probably produced well over one hundred grape tomatoes. Would have had more, but just couldn't get rid of those little flies! Will try again this year. Lots of fun, easy to use...
  • Author: Betty L. Watson
    Had a late start last year. Hope to have a better one this year. Will let you know.
  • Author: Sheri TeGantvoort
    Just wanted to say that I LOVE these boxes. They are so easy and produce so much. I planted a sweet 100 cherry tomato plant this summer and my son and I counted them as we picked them. We got over 1200 tomatoes from that ONE plant. I STRONGLY recommend the cage - which I will be purchasing for next year. My 2 tomato plants grew so big that the stakes I had supporting them weren't strong enough and "fell" over after a hail storm. It was a mess, but it still produced tons of tomatoes. I have talked these boxes up to everyone I know and will be ordering a few for gifts. They are just so easy and require so little work. EXCELLENT product!!!
  • Author: Rich G
    First time using... Cucumber plants barely are surviving long enough to get a few cucumbers and the tomato plants though look good I have several tomatoes that are black on the bottom.... Very disappointed in the results just into the second week of July.
  • Author: Kristina Ferguson
    I am stationed in the middle east and hoped this would replace the ridiculously expensive, limited selection of veggies available to us. It didn't. I got one vidalia onion, a dozen tomatoes and no broccoli, green beans, asparagus, or zucchini. I'm going to try it again before I give up on these things.
  • Author: Cindy S
    For years, I had problems with various animals eating away at my plants. The grow boxes I have are on top of a picnic table and producing a lot of food. I wish the company could produce a box that fits over porch railings, too. The six boxes last year took a few months to get to my house, but the wait is well worth it. Order these over winter so you can be ready for spring.
  • Author: brian hogan
    I grew Tomatoes and Peppers and Cantaloupes in 2015 and I was so happy with the results. Bad news first. The cantaloupes didn't do so well. they grew fine but weren't very sweet which I understand is a problem with too much water. The tomatoes and peppers grew like gangbusters. I was so pleased and I ordered 6 more boxes for this year. Do yourself a favor. Get these if only for the tomatoes. You will never want a store bought tomato again after eating the ones you grow yourself.
    I purchased 1 box last year since I hate weeds and bugs. Thought I would give it a try. I planted 1 Beefsteak and 1 Early Girl. They grew into beautiful plants about 5'5" tall but not a single tomato. Lots of flowers but they would shrivel up and fall off. I did not get 1 tomato. This year I am planting 1 box with climbing sweet pea flowers on one side of my tomato box and the third box will be on the other side of my tomatoes with climbing Jasmine. Here little bees......come do your thing.
  • Author: Matthew S
    I couldn't plant a garden this year for various reasons, so bought one of these boxes to try growing tomatoes on my deck. I received it, read the directions, bought my potting mix and tomato plants, and got started! The pad with the fertilizer wasn't big enough to pin it to the box. It said to soak the pad well, so I did. Turned out it dissolved the two fertilizer bags, all the fertilizer dumped at once, and killed my tomato plants. What an amateur system and a total waste of money! Fifty some dollars would have bought me a LOT of fresh tomatoes at the farmers market!
  • Author: Edna Abell
    Have had only 1 or 2 toms, peppers etc since moving to FL from MD-VA years ago hope this takes care of the situation.