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Tomato Lovers

Tomato Lovers

Experience one of the greatest summer pleasures – biting into a vine-ripened tomato. You’ll have the earliest and sweetest ‘maters on the block with the Garden Patch.

If You Don’t Grow Anything Else, At Least Grow Some Tomatoes. There’s a reason that 4 out of 5 people prefer tomatoes to any other homegrown food. You just can't beat that home grown taste and you can't find that taste from a tomato at the market.


How will YOU enjoy YOUR tomatoes?

Still warm right off the vine
With a sprinkle of salt
Fried Green Tomatoes
Eat ‘em raw, sautéed, grilled or stewed
Make Tomato Sauce or Paste
Fresh Garden Salsa
Can them, freeze them or dry them for later
Slicing tomatoes for sandwiches
Homemade pizza
Tomato Kabobs on the grill
The freshest BLT on the block
Cherry tomatoes for your salad
Grow heirloom seeds and plants for that bygone taste - with ease.


The Secret Behind Growing the Perfect Tomato.

Look anywhere and it sounds easy; proper nutrition, moisture and disease prevention - but how? What is the right fertilizer – how much and when do you apply? How do you keep your soil consistently moist without getting it soggy or accidentally drying out? The Garden Patch provides the ideal moisture level and the 4-gallon water well makes sure it stays ideal for days even if you don’t have time to check. The Nutrient Patch delivers the ideal fertilizer mix at exactly the right times to maximize growth and taste – and it protects your plants from soil borne diseases splashing onto your plants. You can’t grow a better tomato any other way.

The Garden PatchTM Answers the Question “Why can’t I get a good tomato?”

Store bought tomatoes are harvested long before they’re ripe – long before that great taste gets a chance to develop. Even conventional homegrown taste is lessened from the unavoidable over-watering that summer showers bring or the moisture robbing summer sun. Too much water dilutes the taste – too little gives you poor quality plants. If you see a plant wilt just once – you can be assured that a better tasting tomato could have been had using the Grow BoxTM by Garden PatchTM.