“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2007 Customer Results


These photos were sent in as part of our Garden Patch™ Annual Photo Search Giveaway. We give away prizes including Free Garden Patch™ Staking Kits and GrowBoxes™ just for sending in pictures of the results achieved with our products.

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“We live in Golden Valley, AZ, which translates into a ‘Death Valley’ type environment. We could not grow ANYTHING in this ground, it is so dry and arid, and the dirt is really difficult, practically impossible, to grow a garden. We are the envy of this desert town, and every time someone can not believe the veggies we grow here, we show them our beautiful garden! You don’t know how you have changed our lives. We live out of town and do not have access to a fresh produce store without a bit of a drive, and now we don’t even need one! We have our own salads, home-made pesto from our basil, eggplants, zucchinin, tomatoes, melons, herbs and so much more. We wanted everyone to know that if we can grow this kind of a garden here… anyone can anywhere!”

-Bridget L.
Golden Valley, AZ

“We could not be happier with our Garden Patch Planter. It was so quick and easy to set up and is virtually maintenance free. The tomatoes are big and sweet, and our 8 year old triplets (Cole, Dane, and Chase) love to pick and eat them right off the vine! We live in a hot and dry desert climate at almost 3000′ elevation. We have not had much luck growing tomatoes (until using the Garden Patch Planter). Thank you so much for the wonderful product.”

-The S-A Family Triplets
Apple Valley, CA

“I live in Webster, NY and attached are

pictures of my patio garden.”

-David S.
Webster, NY

“We counted 29 tomatoes tonight on the left tomato plant in the first picture (that shows my husband watering the left box with two tomatoplants).I did not count the tomatoes on the right plant. These are celebrity tomatoes.”

Eddia & Sandy W.
Pensacalo, FL

“My tomatoe plants this year……. it’s now October 7 and I still have loads of tomatoes to harvest!”

-Sharon B.
Prospect Heights, IL

“Our roof top garden in downtown Memphis. The planters are amazing! We now have 20!”

-Robert & Gloria M.
Memphis, TN

“Here is a picture of my new “Garden Patch” garden. We have cukes, tomatoes, yellow squash and pepper. If we are worried of high winds or hail, we just drive the garden into the garage.”

-Judith R.
Castle Creek, NY

“These are my beautiful Watermelon plants, what a surprise to actually have some melons in the unlikely growing area of Seattle , WA . My little grand daughter Gracie has enjoyed watching them grow.”

-Patricia S.
Seattle, WA

“This is a picture of my daughter Allison and our Ichiban Eggpant which has thrived in the Garden Patch Planters.”

-Mary Ellen B.
Clifton, VA

“This is our second year with the Garden Patch planters, and we enjoy them so much that we have 6 of them. We have 5 different varieties of tomatoes, and they have only been planted for 6 weeks in these pictures. The soil in our area is very poor, so this allows us to still have a “garden”. We have sent your website address and brochures to many people as they cannot believe the success we have had! I think we supplied the entire county with tomatoes and peppers last year, and we have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year!”

-Roy & Sheryl J.
Devils Lake, ND

“My daughter loved these planters.”

-Naomi M.
St. Louis, MO

“It is very hard to grow tomatoes at 9100 feet in elevation. I have tried many things short of building a greenhouse. The garden patch planter has worked better than anything. I just put it by a big window. It is also nice to be able to leave for a couple of days and not worry about watering. Tomatoes do take a lot of water. Thanks for a great product.”

-Nancy H.
Angel Fire, New Mexico

“Those two plants in the grow box are huge.”

-Judy H.
Fairport Harbor, OH

“Please find attached a couple of photos of my eight foot high Tomatoe plants grown in a garden
patch planter and my garden patch planter pepper plants with six different varieties of pepper plants. I am also attaching a photo of my grandson, Tommy, holding two of the giant cucumbers grown in the garden patch container behind him. This is the second year I have used the planters and the results have be amazing.”

-Tom T.
Honey Brook, PA

-Tommy T.
Honey Brook, PA

“These were all bush and roma-type tomatoes.”

-Sherrie R.
Grove City, OH

“My first year using the grow boxes. I placed my boxes on my deck and my tomato plants have grown as tall as parts of my house. I also planted bell peppers and jalapeno peppers and it is amazing how many peppers that grew. I got so many jalapeno peppers that I could not eat them all and made pepper sauce in a jar. Great growing system.”

-Frank D.
Trussville, Alabama

“Your garden ROCKS!!”

-Brian D.
Palmyra, ME

“Last year all of our tomatoes died without producing. As you can see, your planters were the answer. We had to build a support to keep them from covering our car! I never expected to need a ladder to pick tomatoes. We have been telling everyone who gardens about your product. One other thing, by using your containers we were able to place the plants where Mr. Groundhog couldn’t get them!”

-Bonnie D.
Winston Salem, NC

“Our twin 4-year olds, Luke and Wade, enjoyed planting, watering, picking, and most of all eating the cucumbers and tomatoes grown in their very own Garden Patch… Both Wade and Luke had a wonderful and tasty experience.”

-Luke & Wade Y.
Acworth, GA

“Our twin 4-year olds, Luke and Wade, enjoyed planting, watering, picking, and most of all eating the cucumbers and tomatoes grown in their very own Garden Patch… Both Wade and Luke had a wonderful and tasty experience.”

-Luke & Wade Y.
Acworth, GA

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