“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

See our Better Bundle (6 GrowBoxes) and Best Bundle (10 GrowBoxes)
3 GrowBox™ GOOD Bundle

3 GrowBox™ GOOD Bundle

Get 3 GrowBoxes™ For Only $105 including S&H – Save $5.70!

By purchasing 3 now you’ll save 25% on shipping. Grow tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more! *seeds not included

Same specs as The Original GrowBox™ but bundled to save money.

See our Better Bundle (6 GrowBoxes) and Best Bundle (10 GrowBoxes)
Price $105.00
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Customer Reviews

Kathy C. Living in a condo in the city of Chicago, I really wished I had a yard to garden in. However, when I started using the GrowBoxes on the roof of my home, I was amazed at the results. A neighbor grows veggies on the roof in traditional pots, but ours are always bigger & more productive, even though I start mine later in the season.

Tine S. We are the biggest supporter of your product around! We have probably sent 30 customers your way!! The whole neighborhood has one now. My daughter Elina (10 years old) is pictured. It was a class project to grow a cabbage and she was soooo proud of it!!

Cindy P. After our particularly miserable Chicago winter, I wondered if anything would ever grow here again! We received our new GrowBoxes, and probably planted earlier than we should have as we couldn’t wait to try them out. Our flowers and veggies are now growing like mad!
Cindy P., Elk Grove, IL

Carol C. I have had a fairly large garden for many years, and this summer I knew it would be way more work than I would have time for. A dear friend suggested that I try a few Garden Patch GrowBoxes. I had not heard of them before. I ordered three, and to my delight, I’ve never had such beautiful, prolific plants!! I owe special thanks to you, and to my friend (who~ by the way, has eight boxes!!) ..that suggested I try these! It has been so much fun to simply step out my door, pick and enjoy. The best part of all– NO weeding of a big garden.
Huge thanks from a very Happy gardener!!! 😀

Marie O. I used to grow peppers in regular pots…. I didn’t get good yields. This year I planted bell peppers and cayenne peppers in one GrowBox and I can’t believe how many peppers I got!!! And there are more growing!!!!!

Sandra S. Last year I grew tomatoes. This year I decided to just grow sunflowers. Well, in Southern California with near-100 degree weather every day and no rain, these sunflowers drink well over a gallon of water a day. I could not have grown them without my Garden Patch GrowBox. Some of these flowers are over 8 inches across! They are beautiful!

Anne B. First year using the GrowBox. Much easier than the garden plot we’ve tended for the past few years.

Carol H.My daughter, Carol, is delighted with her new GrowBoxes. They’re already producing better than my regular garden plants. She’s a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and teaches her patients how important fresh vegetables are to their health. Now she can have her own homegrown ones! I gave her 3 boxes to start with but think we’ll have to double that next year.

Celeste K.These grew all the way to our second story deck above! Amazing!

Dick G. My cherry tomato plant in the GrowBox exceeds 10 feet in height (nearly double my height) and is full of tomatoes I’m standing in front of 5 growboxes full of 2014 tomatoes.

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