“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

GrowBox™ Support Cage

  • Specially designed for the Garden Patch Grow Box, this attractive faux bamboo staking system supports tomatoes, beans, cukes and other vegetables
  • The intelligent design attaches directly to the planter giving the Grow Box the added benefit of being able to be used on the deck, grass, patio or any surface
  • Unique construction grows as your plants grow and stows away when not in use

Our new fiberglass support rods contain an elastic rope inside so your staking kit assembles itself. Just stretch it out a little and the rods slip into our new metal connectors that replace the old plastic ones. No more rusting steel supports for an even longer life. It still fits right on top of the GrowBox and can be added before or after the plants are started – no matter if you’re growing in the yard or on the deck.


Price $32.95

Customer Reviews


By Suzanne Passante

I put cable ties at all the major connections. Worked just fine. Needed the staking system to sit on the ground which this does. A major improvement to the original design a few years ago. Thanks!


By Saundra Hendricks

The original design was flawed in so many areas- I just ordered the new design and hope they are as good as the hype. Fingers Crossed 😉


By D.A. Morrison

I just built these supports in my garden today. I hope they are strong enough for the enormous plants that grow in these boxes. I did have a problem with the stakes fitting into the older boxes I have. I bought 5 grow boxes about 4 years ago and then bought more last year. The stakes fit fine in the newer boxes, but I had to drill out the holes in the older boxes to get the stakes to fit. Minor annoyance, but it would have been nice if I didn’t have to break out the drill!


By Peggy

I’m a novice at construction so initial setups were slow and frustrating.Faster setups for add’l boxes. However, I find the corner connectors very difficult to place. Pinched fingers and needed a thick rag to assist. Please consider a redesign of those. All in all support looks sturdy and I have used the ties for added security. Plants are happy!

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