“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

The Easiest Growing Garden Ever

The Simple Grow Box™ that Garden Writers and Home Shows are Raving About.

Everyone dreams of picking ripe tomatoes and peppers right from their own garden. But with the hard work and time involved, well….maybe there’s a better way. Finally there is. The Garden PatchT™ Grow Box™ is an automatic gardening system that does the gardening work for you. It waters while you’re away, automatically adds the correct amount of fertilizer, and even shows you the best places to put your plants. It works perfectly every time. If you’re a veteran gardener or even brand-new to the sport, your success is guaranteed. Gardening has never been this easy and fun!

A BIG Garden In A Small Space

Don’t let the compact size and good looks fool you. The Grow Box™ is a mighty growing tool. Put them anywhere that’s convenient. They’ll look great on your patio or deck – and you’ll pick cleaner, healthier produce without annoying critters and pests. Great for apartments and smaller living quarters. The Garden Patch™ was designed by professionals for people who want an easy, hi-density, productive and hassle-free garden.

Busy Schedule? No Problem

Gardening is supposed to be fun, not another weekend chore. Forget about digging up the yard and watching an in-ground garden get out of hand. Growing with the Garden PatchT™ Grow Box™ is a snap. You’ll spend quality time picking healthful veggies and not worrying about garden chores.

Grow in Even the Toughest Places

Say goodbye to rocky, sandy and depleted soil. The Garden Patch™ works anywhere. It provides everything your plants need right from the get-go. Now people everywhere can enjoy a garden wherever they choose. Start planting earlier, pick produce later into the season. Get two or more crops from one season. Put your garden where YOU want it to be!

The Tomato Patch You’ll Really be Proud Of

Your success is assured because the Grow Box™ has all the growing skills built in. You’ll pick dozens of tomatoes weeks before your neighbor picks even three. You can do it! It’s natural, easy and it works every time. Imagine your delight as you hand a cluster of sun-warmed tomatoes to a friend and say….”Try these, I grew them in my garden.”

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