“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2010 Customer Results


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this was our first time to grow Brocolli and to have my own spice box. It was wonderful. I’ve been picking fresh spices for cooking for months!

-Julie H, Lindon UT

We live in Lords Valley Pa. I believe we are the only ones in this community that got our garden to grow thanks to your pots! The season was awful with tons of rain, most gardens here drowned, people were amazed at our plants, basil, parsley, tomatoes and cucumbers. Because of my success last year and this year ..many other’s in my community have ordered from your company, not to mention all our friends in New York and Long Island …..some have even sent plant box to Florida to relatives!!!!!!!!!
You have an amazing product!

– Louis I. Lords Valley, PA

Hey guys this picture was from my garden on my deck, no animals, or pests. Scot has never loved gardening until he came across your grow boxes a few years back!!!! It is what he enjoys the most. He can never wait for spring!!!! We have more people astonished by our garden, then you could imagine….I don’t even think the pics did it total justice. The fruits of the vine are in such abundance, we pass out goodies to our entire neighborhood every year. Also, if you look close for comparison, we sent you other photos of the difference between your grow box & standard so called garden containers………..the difference is in feet & yield….amazing.

– Scot C, Cleveland, OH

Thanks for being true to your advertising on your webpage. It is nice to do business with people of integrity. We started out with one box four years ago and have been adding to our garden each year. This year we will have 20 boxes. People have seen and heard about ours and have ordered their own. We know of at least ten people who now are using your product.

– Evan S, Anchorage, AK

Our son Joshua learned about “horticulture” at the special school he attended. He was excited to be able to do horticulture in his backyard and grow okra… We love our containers and are already thinking about what to grow for fall! These containers make it so easy to grow vegetables in a small space, and no weeds! Thanks so much.

– Joshua S, Charlotte, NC

Since my grandson joined the Army and with no one else able to help me prepare my vegetable garden, I decided to try the Growbox. It is simply amazing. It is so easy to use, maintain and fertilize, all I have to do is add water occasionally and wait for the plants to bear fruit! Thank you so very much!

– Mila S. Carson, CA

It’s not even mid-July yet, and some of our plants are already tall enough that they reach the gutters on our house! Last year we had 3 Grow Boxes, and were so impressed with the results that this year we bought four more. Our friends are amazed at our ‘green thumbs’, but we just tell them all that it’s not us – it’s our MAGIC planters!

-Tracy G, Denver, CO

We love our grow boxes. This was our second year and it just got better. Many of our friends have purchased these since seeing our garden. They are amazed at the size and how quickly they grow. We can’t wait to plant again this spring.

– Sarah T & Sophia O, Flower Mound, TX

I have 30 of your boxes growing a winter garden in Phoenix, Az. Thanks for such a fine product. Thank you very much for this benefit!

– Bob & Bonnie R, Phoenix, AZ

We had the most successful year ever! The tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and cucumbers were abundant this year. We still have red tomatoes into the second week of October!

– Joey L , Laffin, PA

This year, I have 3 of your GrowBoxes going with bell peppers, tomatoes and Italian Pole Beans. I’ve already harvested the beans twice, the peppers once, with more on the way. Waiting on the tomatoes which have blossoms and look really healthy. Thanks for the “agri-technology”

– Ellen K, Prospect, CT

I have tried a lot of new horticultural products that came with big promises and disappointment! You have represented your product accurately with productivity beyond your advertised prediction. These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago, two of the plants are now over 8 feet tall. I had to build more supports to bear the weight of hundreds of tomatoes! Thank you for a great product without misrepresentation!

– Dennis B , Newark, NY

I enjoy looking at the photos from your other customers. It’s interesting to see what can be grown in the GrowBoxes. At the time I took this photo there were about 60 tomatoes on both plants combined.

– Jack S, Wooster, OH

I took this picture on 6/27/10, the plants are already about 6 feet tall. Planted on 4/30/10… I suspect that in another month we will really begin to get the huge beefsteak tomatoes we so love.

– Judy H. Fairport Harbor, OH

We planted tomatoes both conventionally in the ground and in Growboxes. The Growboxes produced much quicker and grew much taller! The miniature tomatoes were my daughter Julie’s (age 8) pet project. We grew tomatillos and had an abundant crop. Ummm! Made the best fresh mex dressing! We grew corn for the first time and boy did it grow tall and tasty! This corn was sooo beautiful, juicy and delicious. All grown in a Growbox!

– Kathy & Julie H, Lindon, UT

We had a ball with our grow box this year. We had to continuously extend our stakes to support the Sun Gold tomatoes. .. we love our Grow Box and the tomatoes are growing exuberantly. Clearly your box is doing a great job. Things have grown at least six more inches since I took the photos on Monday. It’s all been worth it. The Sun Gold produced almost a dozen sweet fruits each day in August.

Thanks for your good product.

– Liese S, Hanover, NH

This was my first year of planting Sun Sweet cherry tomatoes. We literally got hundreds of them over the harvest time. …I also had plantings of strawberrys, onions and carrots which did very well. This is a great system…

– Clay G, West Richmond, WA

This is a new twist on a summer favorite. We grow both our tomatoes and our basil in your grow boxes, I have also enclosed a picture of me with my kids next to our Italian Tree tomato plants that were grown in your Grow Boxes.

– Caroline, Katie & Mark F, Carver, MN

Here we are relaxing with our plants ,I stand 6 foot 4 inch’s and the plants are taller than me . my dog and I spend quality time tending to our plants of 6 diffrent tomatoes,yellow squash,3 diffrent colored pepers and banana peppers. This is our second year . The 1st year we had three planters , we did so well we ordered 3 more we saved lot of money on vegtables this summer and enjoyed tending to our plants we love your containers. all my husbands friends came after playing golf on Saturday’s they sat on the dek eating tomatoes. They all complain now that they hate store bought tomatoes after eating ours.

– Mark, Michelle & Quigley, Succasunna, NJ

Here I am harvesting my Grow Box Garden on July 4th – cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, and bell pepper! Love it!

– Mary Ann W, Murphy, NC

This picture was taken with my grandson, Dylan, who is my helper. We have six of your boxes and love them. Our plants are extremely fruitful every year. Since we have been using the grow boxes for four years, I have gotten several of my friends and family to use them. They too have never been happier with the growth of their vegetables until they started using this great product.

Thanks for the grow boxes.

– Dylan L, Oceanside, NY

I got about 12 lbs of zucchini. My tomatoes are starting to ripen and my eggplants are huge. Cucumbers are trailing over the top porch railing. Not bad for a city garden!

–  Denise S, Rockaway Park, NY

These okra plants kept us supplied all summer. Also had cantaloupe…

–  Joan M, Austin, TX

After a five-year long hiatus from gardening due to a lower back surgery and many associated issues, I am able to start gardening again. The main reason I can garden again is Garden Patch’s planting containers. …to date, we have pulled in 1 1/2 ounces shy of 265 pounds of produce. I have a few weeks to go until frost and there is probably 30 pounds of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers and beans. Our fall crops of broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, lettuce, sugar snap peas, garlic, herbs, and cabbage will add to the total. Hoping for a final mark of 325 or more.

– Sherry C, Marietta, GA

Corn in the OC. We planted it from seed in one growbox, now we have 28 ears of corn coming!

– Terri & Bill K, Fountain Valley, CA

This was our first year using the grow boxes and we loved using them and have spread the word to our friends and neighbors who stopped by during the summer months. …we also grew lemon cucumbers in one of the grow boxes and the vine grew up the nearby hedge and all the way up to the garage roof! We had an abundance of delicious cukes to share..

– Bronwyn H., Chicago IL

We had a wonderful crop of tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Eggplants and okra – all from 11 of your GrowBoxes. Thank You.

– Bill & Virginia M., Lafayette LA

Hello and thank you for your great product!

– Kajal S., Castro Valley CA

We bought 3 growboxes and planted 2 tomato plants in each of 2 boxes. Given the height of these tomato plants, we have decided that we need to have some trellises on hand next year!

– Janet & Ken M., Seneca SC

– Don & Michelle W., Waddell AZ

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