“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2011 Customer Results


These photos were sent in as part of our Garden Patch™ Annual Photo Search Giveaway. We give away prizes including Free Garden Patch™ Staking Kits and GrowBoxes™ just for sending in pictures of the results achieved with our products.

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Here’s a photo of Lois and eight of her cabbage plants in two GrowBoxes.  Of course we love our Garden Patch GrowBoxes.

-Lois S., Anchorage, AK

We love our Garden Patch Grow Boxes. We were able to grow varieties of heirloom tomatoes that have never grown properly in our in-ground garden. You have a fantastic product! 

– Chris W., Fairfax, VA

Happy gardener is Eva my daughter, she loves to grow cucumbers…  So happy with our cucumbers and tomatoes this year, thank you for making it possible with this great product!  

– Eva M., Holmdel, NJ

Ann’s corn is doing well in her Grow Box, don’t you think?

– Ann G., St. Simons Island, GA

I have been using the GardenPatch GrowBoxes for several years now and I love them. I have always had some amazing plants…  a Black German Queen heirloom tomato plant that was a little over 10′ tall…  It actually reached 14′ in height…   I had to use a step ladder to pick tomatoes.  Great tomatoes!  …my pepper containers – the red chili’s are over 6′ tall.  I have picked 100’s of peppers since early this summer and I’m going to get many, many more.   My cucumbers did fantastic this year… they were delicious and 6 of them weighed around 10 lbs…  My eggplants did great this year as well and many people said they were two of the prettiest eggplant’s they had ever seen.  Finally: my collards. People have said the same things about my collards; the prettiest they’ve ever seen.  Not only are they beautiful; they’re delicious!

– TL T., Gulf Shores, AL

– Marilyn B.. East Rockaway, NY

I’m submitting these for my Dad… I couldn’t beat his corn and tomatoes this year!

– James C., Millbury, MA

We have at the front sweet peppers, squash then a row of sweet peas, two rows of tomatoes, one with cucumbers of which Tina has made 29 qts of pickles so far. Canned 27 qts of string beans from 6 boxes and have eaten and canned a lot of tomatoes. Also have one now with a watermelon that seems to be taking over our little ole garden

– Paul Y., Dadeville, AL

2011 was my first gardening season in Alaska and the first time using the GrowBox.  I can proudly report: I had people admiring the huge tomato plants that grew in the planters on my balcony all summer.  I also had a great harvest of kohlrabi, broccoli, zucchini and peas.  I love my GrowBoxes and looking forward to the new season. We are a military family that means we move to a different place every 2 or 3 years. Thanks to the GrowBoxes now I can take my “garden” with me where ever we move in the future. 

– Liliana R., Fort Richardson, AK

We have been so happy with the amount of produce we harvest from the plants in our grow boxes. They grow and produce more abundantly that the plants in our square foot garden.  We have 5 young children and they all love to help in the garden. Watering is made simple and easy for children to help grow our food and flowers. Very manageable!

– Crystal H., Concord, NC

These are my watermelons growing in one of my many boxes.  They were so juicy and sweet, nothing like store bought.  I have got my sister and one other friend started on your boxes this year.  Thank you.

– Zena H., Las Vegas, NV

I absolutely love the grow boxes and have turned many of my friends on to them as well!  I can’t wait to get planting again this year!  …we bought the box and the cage for climbing plants and had tremendoes success!  All of our neighbors want to know our secret!

– Elizabeth W., Red Lion, PA

This year I bought 3 more GrowBoxes for a total of 6.  I grow cukes, tomatoes, radishes.  I got a bushel of tomatoes off 2 plants last year, this year I have 8 plants in and expect lots more. So far this year my wife has put up 7 quarts of pickles and I have supplied my children and neighbors with all the cukes they want.  They are all still yeilding and will go to the food pantry.

– Don M., Casnisteo, NY

Labor Day Weekend we had a large family gathering at our house and our Grow Box garden was a major attraction.  We planted two boxes with Better Boy tomatoes and one with jalapeno peppers.  The tomatoes have been delicious!  We have harvested, eaten, and shared tomatoes for several months.  Next year we plan to plant our basil in a Grow Box as well.  The previous year, our tomatoes had grown so much (in their grow boxes) that they ended up overlapping the rail on the deck   …when he first put it up, I just shook my head, wondering how in the world he thought the tomatoes would grow that much.  In August and September, I was thrilled that he had made a jungle gym for our tomatoes!  I have never seen such a fantastic crop of peppers!!  Grow Boxes have been wonderful for us because we have to protect our garden from deer, rabbits, and other native animals.

– Anne P., Lakemont, GA

In PA they say corn should be knee high by the 4th of July.  Well, we are pushing 6 foot with the grow box! 

– Taryn & Lincoln R., Mansfield, PA

Attached is  a picture of my grandson, Dylan, with the grape tomato plants.  They are growing beautifully  – 7′ tall – and the tomatoes are wonderfully sweet.  We  enjoy using the garden patch grow boxes again this year.  They are easy to maintain and take up little space.  We plan to continue using them for a very long time.

– Dylan B., Oceanside, NY

Here are a few pictures we took today of my tomato and squash plants in the GrowBoxes.  We have already harvested some tomatos and squash.

– Bob L., San Jose, CA

This is my first year with the GrowBox garden. I am continually amazed with the results. Look at my corn! It blows my mind that it could be this easy.  My friends are blown away also and a number of them are planning to order some boxes. Have been eating tomatoes, romaine lettuce, yellow squash, cucumbers, banana peppers, jalapenos, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, strawberries, other herbs, small amount of broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. Now I have this crop of corn coming in and if you look closely I have planted pole green beans with the corn and these have just started to yield.  I am totally satisfied with this product. 

– Steve C., Germantown, TN

– Liese S., Hanover, NH

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a very short growing season. In addition, we had an unusually wet, cool late spring and early summer this year. Fortunately, I decided to try The Garden Patch’s Tomato Trigger nutrient patch this year, and I am thrilled how well the tomato plants have done. Being a disabled veteran who requires an electric wheelchair for mobility, I am quite limited in the variety of activities I can enjoy. Thanks to the GrowBox, I can enjoy gardening again!   Each year, with the help of your GrowBoxes, I challenge myself to produce a greater number of and more perfect tasting and appearing tomatoes, as well as other herbs and vegetables, for my wife to use in her meal preparations and salads because she is an excellent cook.

– Lorin K., Gig Harbor, WA

Someone once said in Wyoming you have to fertilize the house to raise the windows – if they made a GrowBox to fit your house you could raise the roof.  Thanks to GrowBox we enjoyed tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers from July til October. Great Gardening Expirience.

– Ron & Pam W., Laramie, WI

I am attaching photos of me in my garden where I planted tomatoes in my three Growboxes.  I have gardened for many years and am a Master Gardener in our county chapter.  My grow beds in my home garden developed a soil-born wilt disease so I cannot grow tomatoes in the garden for 3 years.  I put two determinate variety (Celebrity) plants in each Growbox filled with potting soil topped with your Nutrient Patch and placed them in the garden area out of reach of the soil.  In spite of an average extremely hot (average 95.5 F. for 30 days in a row) they are incredible!  Strong, healthy plants with large tomatoes and plenty of them!  When the wilt disease is finally conquered in my garden, I think I’ll still grow tomatoes in your Growboxes.  Thank you for these marvelous boxes.

–  S.H. Bill B., Little Rock, AR

Here is a picture of my two tomato boxes. As you can see they are huge! I am 5’6″ and they tower over me. We measured them recently at 9’7″ and they continue to grow! The plants to my left are red cherry tomatoes and the plants to my right are early girl tomatoes. I have never had my tomatoes get even close to this big and my plant started producing tomatoes weeks before anyone else around here. I would recommend the grow boxes to anyone who wants to do some serious gardening. They are a huge success for me!

–  Jamie A., Greenville, DE

2 Early Girl tomatoes, 5 cayenne peppers, 2 Better Boy tomatoes.  Early Girl plants 9’ – 10’ tall.  Better Boy Tomatoes 6’ or more – ate last tomatoes the week after Thanksgiving.

– Billy B., Newbern, TN

Attached are pictures from the “fruit of our efforts” using your fantastic Garden Patch Grow Box products.  I ordered 6 boxes from you with great results. I was thrilled with the yield from my squash, okra, peppers, and tomatoes (both cherry and beefsteak).  I have just ordered another supply of nutrient packs to start a fall garden.  I am totally satisfied with your product and the efficiency of your ordering department.  Looking forward to another terrific growing season in Orange Park, Florida. 

– Steve & Debbie P., Orange Park, FL

We really enjoy having the grow boxes out in Plainfield, Illinois.  In fact, our plans for next year include creating a garden with a walk way entirely of grow boxes.  The grow boxes help to keep the small animals away from the fruits and vegetables and we never worry about them drying out in the hot sun.  Plainfield, Illinois is known for high winds so plants dry out quickly, but not with the grow boxes.  We just love them.  Thanks for letting us share our pictures with you.  Happy Growing! 

– Donnie, Don & Kelly C., Plainfield, IL

This is a photo of Braden and Tyler picking beans for dinner.  They do love eating their green beans, along with planting and picking them.

– Kathy, Braden & Tyler D., Orland Park, IL

These grow boxes are the envy of the neighborhood. Look at these shots from 5/23.

– David L., Cottondale, AL

Note the dates on the Grow Box corn; just one month later it’s taller than Vera! 

– Vera H., Chaplin, SC

Love this box! Recommended to friends and family.   Here are shots! First time growing tomatoes . Not bad.  This was my first time growing tomatoes.  Just loved how well the plant turned out.  Gonna grow more next year!

– Sothavy C., Reno, NV

This was our first year of trying the grow boxes & we were delightfully surprised at how well
our crops did.  We will definitely use them again next year!   How neat to be able to go out onto
our deck & pick our veggies!

– Peggy & Jim S., Townsend, TN

I started out last year with 5 growboxes that were a huge success in my garden.  I ordered 10 more for this year.  When they arrived in late Jan or early Feb, I noticed a large package of tulips and daffodils that I didn’t have time to get in the ground before it froze last fall.  I decided to see what would happen if I planted them in one of my new grow boxes in my garage.  Once they started poking out of the ground, I moved them to the front of my garage and you can see the results!  When they died back, I removed the bulbs and planted my tomatoes.

– Bev S., Alto, MI

I have used 2 grow boxes on my deck this season because “critters” had been destroying my garden. The attached photos will show that my “boxes” have produced a fabulous crop. I have in the 2 boxes 3 regular tomato plants, 1 “jelly bean” (cherry) tomato plant, 2 bell peppers, and 1 basil. I have been eating “mater” sandwiches whenever I want along with countless “jelly beans”. I am most pleased with my success and plan to use the grow boxes again next year. As you can see in the photos, I also used your support system, and it has worked well. I am loving having a garden on my deck. Your Grow Boxes are most innovative and produce great crops!

– Rev. James M., Kinston, NC

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