“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2012 Customer Results

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I have been using your product for 5 years now. Prior to discovering the “GrowBox system” I had a garden which was destroyed every year by deer and wood chucks. Having the GrowBoxes on my deck protects the plants from the wild life. This is a great innovative product. Thank You and keep up the good work!

Dennis B.

Another year using the GrowBoxes prove to be another successful growing season for my grandson (Dylan B.) and myself. We always enjoy the convenience of using the boxes. We are sorry to see the growing season come to an end.

Mike and Doris
Dylan B.

The Grow Boxes work very well for peppers and tomatoes. I can’t wait to start some early lettuce in one of them………

Dorothy H.

My Tomato Factory. 8 feet tall with bushels of tomatoes! My friends refer to these as tomato trees, not plants. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT!

Dennis B.

We usually have a fairly late season, but unbelievably, I harvested a dozen cucumbers before the end of June! In all my time of gardening, I have never done this before. The tomatoes are not far behind! I also have a “standard” garden and my patio garden far surpasses anything in the ground. I am so pleased with these GrowBoxes. I bought 3 the first year and added 3 more this year. I have to say that I was surprised at the tremendous growth and harvest. Being a little old-fashioned, I really thought the old way would be better so I planted my regular garden this year and my GrowBoxes far surpassed the other plants. My beautiful granddaughter’s name is Erica…

Corky & Erica M.

Picking deer-proof tomatoes, my wife Linda & Ryan our oldest son in from Florida. Deer Proof FINALLY!

Glenn, Linda, Ryan S.

6 little Dianthus plants in each box has given me this !!! I have 4 planters and the tomatoes are on the back porch. Great for Senior gardeners !!

Bunny R.

Rooftop gardening at it’s finest! Here my garden is safe from the deer and rabbits, and gets all the sunlight available. Next year we hope to add more Grow Boxes to this unique area! These planters are so easy to use, almost effortless! I travel a great deal so an ordinary garden that requires regular tending is out of the question for me. But the Growbox practically cares for itself! I loved harvesting my arugula and lettuces every morning for fresh salads, and planning my meals around the vegetables and herbs as they ripened. Because I live so far to the north here in Gig Harbor, WA, the tomatoes didn’t ripen up until September, but when they did, they were delicious. I also enjoyed lots of zucchini, and cucumbers. Presently I am experimenting with broccoli, lettuce, and cilantro in one rooftop Growbox for my winter garden. I am already looking forward to Spring and dreaming of what I will plant in my FOUR GrowBoxes!

Susan S.

My Favorite Dock Garden Solution! I live in a beautiful setting on a lake in Connecticut. The yard is very shaded and full of pine trees. My sunny dock seemed like the logical choice to have a garden. I looked into a DIY garden box but came across yours…very well designed and affordable. Most importantly, it doesn’t dry out quickly in full sun, like regular pots do. I had a great grape tomato and jalapeño pepper crop last year and can’t wait to expand my dock garden … Thank you!

Heather O.

The salsa garden! Tomatoes, peppers, and very large onions . This last year was our first experience with the GrowBox and it was great! It exceeded my expectations as I was amazed at the large healthy vegetables we were able to grow. I have told many people about them! The boy is my son, Benny. He loved to watch everything grow as well!

Brian & Benny E.

I love my grow boxes. The yields from plants in the GrowBoxes are much greater than the starts I put in the garden. The plant gets so much bigger and the fact that I can keep them by my door is just an added bonus when I need to quickly grab something for dinner. Thank you so much for making this amazing product! We will buy many more in the coming years.

Karen J.

Next year we hope to add more Grow Boxes to this unique area!

Shirley H.

HUGE Ripe tomatoes! Your GrowBoxes were indeed great! I am really looking forward to the upcoming growing season, however you should know that I still have two boxes producing turnip greens and green onions! In January!

William B.

Living in Homer, AK I can’t grow tomatoes outside so I grow them in my South facing living room!

Colleen F.

We are limited on ground space for a garden and so the GrowBox was the perfect solution. Not only does it require a smaller area for planting, the results of the plants was overwhelming. Beautiful plants that grow at a faster pace and much larger vegetables were produced. Thank you so much again, and I look forward to expanding the garden in the Spring.

Carole S.

Covering the Northwest with tomatoes!!! Here are some pictures of our 3 GrowBoxes and the six tomato plants(3 Regular and 3 Cherry) that have produced this wonderful “TOMATO JUNGLE”. They are over eight feet tall… We’ve never had sooooooooooooooooo much fun gardening

Phil & Bijou H.

I truly am an avid GrowBox fan.
-I can grow beautiful, lush, heavy-producing tomato and pepper plants here in the woods.
-I can leave my GrowBoxes unattended for a few days while taking short trips and come back to a still-healthy.
-I don’t have to think about fertilizing, since the nutrient patch that comes with the boxes takes care of feeding and nurturing the plants.
-My time weeding the garden has been drastically reduced.
-Watering the GrowBox garden is a snap! It’s also so much more efficient than watering a ground garden.
As you can see, I’m one happy customer. Our friends and family love coming to visit since I always have more tomatoes and peppers than I can eat, dehydrate, and freeze. Everyone is amazed at the burst of flavor each tomato.

Glenn S.

I have been gardening in-ground and in raised beds for 30+ years. But I have never had bigger, healthier and more productive tomatoes, cukes, squash, peppers, and melons as I have this year with Garden Patch GrowBoxes. They are conveniently located on my back patio and watering is quick and easy, and the self-fertilizing strips are a no brainer. I love these things.

James D.

Sunny deck holds GrowBox amidst tall shady trees. Handy to be just inches from the kitchen. New Hampshire moose love the sunshine, too!

Liese S.

Jeannette and her tomatoes! WE LOVE THESE BOXES!!! We have no soil on our property, mostly gravel so we must grow our veggies on our deck. These boxes far surpass any other container we’ve ever used for planting. Each year we are so amazed at the size and quality of our plants……..tomato stems so thick!!! Vegetables so large and abundant ……we never thought we could have a garden here in rocky PA. Thanks to your company it’s happening and it’s so easy to boot!!!

Jeannette & Lou I.

Bell peppers, Red, Orange and Yellow from GrowBox. I am disabled and unable to work a garden without help. This year has been the hottest year in recorded history for the US. Everyone lost most, if not all, of their crops, but I had the best garden ever with the help of your GrowBox’s with the water-reservoir that is built into your system. This worked GREAT. All I had to do was pick my fruit all summer and no worries about weeding or over/under watering. My family and friends are now convinced that if a disabled person like myself can have a garden like this, then they could too. Thanks for your help. I can’t wait till next year.

Bryan E.

“Look all those kinds of tomatoes I did start myself in the house on window sill in April. My neighbors was laughing at me when I put those little things ‘there’, they had already had bought some all grown up in nursery, but It didn’t take long before it was me who was laughing”

those German stripe tomatoes weigh 1 pound each, I got yellow ones, black tomatoes, Italians a lot and cherries a lot too in pink, red and yellow and for the cucumbers I got 66, that respectable for 3 GrowBox, isn’t it… as you can see I got enough to preserve some for winter. I am very glad about the quality and the quantity I got with my Garden Patch.

It was wonderful, my experience I’m anxious to start again… it will be a great summer as I will be 85 years old in May.

Margot G.

I got someone upset with me while watering the okra, one morning. . guess I woke ’em up . . . SORRYYYYYY . . and the visitor was still hanging around on the “window sill” for nearly an hour!!! We’ve so enjoyed our GrowBoxes that we’ve already purchased and look forward to using for future plantings.

Ursula S.

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