“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2013 Customer Results

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Holy tomatoes! After years of battling gophers, I gave up and went all GrowBoxes; I haven’t regretted it once.  This past summer, I had the most tomatoes I’ve ever had thanks to the grow boxes.  In fact, it’s December and I’m still getting tomatoes.  🙂    I love the Grow Box’s. 

Molly B., Sierra Madre, CA

Before GrowBox, my tomatoes plant were tiny and didn’t produce very many tomatoes.  I decided to test this product. I set up my greenhouse with potted tomato plants and GrowBox tomatoes. As you can see the GrowBox tomatoes are much taller than the potted plant.   I am so happy I tried… I have so many tomatoes and peppers to make salsa. The cayenne peppers grow like weeds in GrowBox. I can’t wait until spring to start planting and growing more tomatoes and peppers again.

Carina C., Murieta, CA

I couldn’t believe the success I’m having.  This is the first year growing vegetables in a Growbox.  I have eggplants, corn, several varieties of cherry tomatoes and zukes.  They are all producing lots.  Thanks!!!!!
My girls are loving the veggies! I really wanted my children to understand how food is grown.  Growbox has made this possible.  This summer, my children had the opportunity to grow their own food in a urban setting.  They were so proud of their vegetable garden! The kids couldn’t wait to eat the food they harvested each day!  Thank you Growbox!

Caitlyn and Arwen L., Toronto, Ontario Canada

Dad and I started using the GowBox during the summer of 2012, and we have had great success growing tomatoes during both 2012 and 2013. It’s been great for Dad, who is 89 years old. He had gardened most of his life, but could no longer stoop over to raise a garden in the soil. Now we set the box on the deck, and he can water and harvest the tomatoes without stooping over or having to walk up and down the deck steps. Our tomatoes are the envy of our family and neighbors!   It has been wonderful for Dad…

Leo S., Carroll, IA

These plants are growing like crazy!!!!!  This was my first year using the Garden Patch GrowBox and it was an excellent experience.  I’m teaching my 8 year old daughter and 5 year old son about gardening so they understand where food comes from and what it takes to grow food… the whole family got to see the plants sprout and grow.  The kids had a blast helping me pick the Green Beans.  I love that I don’t have to worry about over watering or forgetting to fertilize. 

Frank M., Elk Grove Village, IL

We are using Gowboxes in many locations.  We have grown tomatoes as well as assorted flowers in twenty GrowBoxes.  All have done great! We bought the boxes to prolong watering of the flowers and vegies so we could be away for a few days at  time without needing to have someone drop by to water our flowers and vegetable plants.
We own a campsite near Bellefontaine, OH.  We used 8 GrowBoxes for flowers there that worked wonderfully.  The flowers did very, very well and we only had to add water to the boxes every 4 days or so during the hot, dry weather. This allowed us to be away 4 to 5 days without worrying about the flowers dying. 

Peggy G., Hilliard, OH

We have two planters that have been so prolific. They grew with great gusto… the plants grew much larger than I expected.  I found the watering trough was wonderful and usually didn’t have to worry about them drying out. Tomatoes from one picking.  Love them.

Corning, NY

We had so much fun gardening together this year.  Growing your own food makes eating vegetables more fun and they taste better. The Growboxes make gardening so easy. We don’t have very good soil here…  We had cucumbers coming out of our ears this year. We had to learn how to make pickles! We also grew cherry tomatoes and banana peppers with just as much success.

Blakely R., Birmingham, AL

We live in Albuquerque New Mexico and I’ve tried growing tomatoes for years with limited success until the Growbox.  It uses less water and the plants thrives.  I even had lots of bell peppers. 

Chet S., Albuquerque, NM

These are the largest tomato plants I’ve grown in over 45 years of gardening! 

Gwyneth G., Portland, OR

We have a very short growing season.  This was my second year growing tomatoes in my GrowBoxes.  Last year the heirloom plants grew to 8′ high and this year to 9′ high.  Each plant yielded about 20 softball-sized Brandywine tomatoes

Gwyneth G., Portland, OR

Here you see the mammoth jalapeno (the tallest one which gets taller each day) and the habaneros which will soon turn their bright orange-red color.  I have been using the GrowBox  for several years now… and have enjoyed it very much…  I recommend it to everyone.

Ralph P., Robbinsville, NJ

I have used Growboxes now for two years and each year I am surprised by how big my plants grow.  My plants grow so big and with so much fruit…  

Dave P., South Euclid, OH

We grow beef steak and cherry tomatoes. This season we had over 2,500 cherry tomoatoes. We live in the northeast and the growing season isn’t very great but with the fertilizer packs we don’t have any problems.

Lorin M., Gig Harbor, WA

The Growbox is a great product, we always have a teriffic harvest.

Han T., Gig Harbor, WA

I have 19 Growboxes on my deck and I love gardening with them. I can work out there all the time without having to bend over or leave the deck. I also like the self-watering feature a lot. My husband can sit outside on my deck with me while I work, it’s nice for us to spend time together. Even now, in the winter, I have two boxes right in my window growing chard and lettuce!

Joe R., Potsdam, NY

Our Gardener-in-Chief with a “trainee”!  With these containers and some in-ground plantings, our church grew 600 pounds of vegetables for the local food pantry.

Phyllis H., Columbus, OH

I love the GrowBox because it allows me to grow year round.  My garden is very small and this help me grow more and better vegetables than ever.

Jean F., Woodlands, TX

This is my first year using the Growboxes and I’m having fantastic results. I put some of the same plants in the ground and they aren’t half the size of these in the boxes. I will definitely be adding more to my garden next year. My friends are in awe… I have gotten so many comments on how well everything grew.  I am a big fan. Thanks again.

Debra B., Graham, WA

I ordered 3 extra boxes last year, and now have a total of 6. All 6 of them are still producing into the winter. I once even had a tomatoe plant over 8ft. Everything we have grown in the Growbox grows very well and gets huge. 

Cassie G., Philadelphia, PA

My plants of Heirloom variety… Will plant beefsteak tomatoes next year. 

Carole R., Tacoma, WA

Fun giving vegtables away! I purchased first 3 Growboxes and was so impressed, I purchased 6 more.  That still wasn’t enough and I purchased another 3 boxes.  I will swear by these boxes here in Mississippi.  I can’t wait to plant my fall garden.  I have all my seeds ready to go, broccoli, fall squash ( acorn and butternut), spinach, swiss chard, beets, brussel sprouts, fall tomatos, romaine lettuce, pumpkins, radishes, and more. Awesome boxes! Had tomatoes, eggplants, squash, and cucumbers from June to November. I have already influenced three of my neighbors to order their own GrowBoxes too. 


Tom K., Brandon, MI

You have an amazing product. This is our first year and we will be ordering more for next year.  We grew cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, peppers and squash.  The boxes are so easy to set up and maintain.  All of the vegetables grew so HUGE that we’ll double the size of the enclosure next spring to give them more room.   All of the testimonials in your brochure and website are completely accurate.  This is truly an amazing product.

John W., Austinville, VA

Yes 8 feet tall and at least 1 ear per stalk.  This is the 3rd year that I have planted corn, I had about 18 ears.

I started gardening when I retired 6 years ago.  My husband gave me the flyer…  When I saw how easy it would be to garden with your boxes I was sold.  Currently we have 12 boxes and plant tomatoes, green beans, onions, peppers, corn, herbs, pumpkin, cucumber and radishes. We also have 4 boxes that go back and forth with strawberries.

Lydia L., Munds Park, AZ

One of the best things we have ever invested in! We have a greenhouse and the Growboxes outside still do better. Everything just grows so well in them. 

Debby B., Simmons, AL

We planted Beef steak tomatoes in one of our GrowBox and they were so huge when it was time to pick them. We were impressed!  The plants stayed nice for the whole season and the plants were huge!

Galen H., Richland Center, WI

Here are a couple of recent photos–guess which condo has GrowBoxes! These were the first tomato plants I’ve ever grown — first of anything I’ve ever grown to be honest, as I’m new into gardening this year.   I’m amazed, not only at how easy it is with the GrowBox but also how much I enjoy the whole experience.  My plants absolutely outperformed seasoned gardeners’ in-ground plants, no contest!  I have seven GrowBoxes now on my deck, currently stocked with tulip bulbs and other spring flowers.  I ordered one as a present for my Dad’s birthday, and am planning to give more for Christmas to friends and family.  Great product!

Gregory L., Waltham, MA

We received these as a gift and just love them! The grow boxes are such a wonderful way to include our 2 year old son in the growing experience. He loves to pick strawberries and tomatoes and eat them right from the plants.

Jeffrey B., Irvine, CA

We love your Growboxes.  We have been growing tomatoes on our 2nd floor back deck for about 6 years now. We have 100 foot trees in our backyard and the deck is the only place that gets sun.  Thanks for 6 years of great tomatoes!

Diana, Elkton, MD

We are in the desert here. Between the heat and the bunnies it’s hard to grow veggies. We planted the boxes with different kinds of veggies and kept them watered and “voila” … Veggies…. Right from our yard. Thanks so much, the boxes are great!

Randy M., Acton, CA

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