“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2014 Customer Results

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Living in a condo in the city of Chicago, I really wished I had a yard to garden in.  However, when I started using the GrowBoxes on the roof of my home, I was amazed at the results. A neighbor grows veggies on the roof in traditional pots, but ours are always bigger & more productive, even though I start mine later in the season.

Kathy C., Chicago, IL

We are the biggest supporter of your product around!  We have probably sent 30 customers your way!!  The whole neighborhood has one now. My daughter Elina (10 years old) is pictured.  It was a class project to grow a cabbage and she was soooo proud of it!! 

Tine S., Brick, NJ

After our particularly miserable Chicago winter, I wondered if anything would ever grow here again!  We received our new GrowBoxes, and probably planted earlier than we should have as we couldn’t wait to try them out. Our flowers and veggies are now growing like mad!

Cindy P., Elk Grove, IL

I have had a fairly large garden for many years, and this summer I knew it would be way more work than I would have time for.  A dear friend suggested that I try a few Garden Patch GrowBoxes.  I had not heard of them before. I ordered three, and to my delight, I’ve never had such beautiful, prolific plants!!  I owe special thanks to you, and to my friend (who~ by the way, has eight boxes!!) ..that suggested I try these!  It has been so much fun to simply step out my door, pick and enjoy.  The best part of all– NO weeding of a big garden.  
Huge thanks from a very Happy gardener!!! 😀

Carol C., Hugo, MN

As we approach the fall here in the Northeast our GrowBoxes are still going strong.  Our growing season will soon come to an end.  This year we had another fabulous GrowBox growing season.  We will be looking forward to spring 2015 to set up our GrowBoxes once again with our favorite veggies.  Thank You Garden Patch.

Ralph P., Robbins Ville, NJ

We love our tomatoes and peppers! We have used the GrowBoxes the last few years and love them. We added the cage supports this year and they have done beautifully. It is September here in Maineville, Ohio  and we are still having lots of yummy tomatoes coming in. Thanks for a great product. 

Charlie & Jonathon S., Maineville, OH

I used to grow peppers in regular pots…. I didn’t get good yields. This year I planted bell peppers and cayenne peppers in one GrowBox and I can’t believe how many peppers I got!!! And there are more growing!!!!!

Marie O., Latham, NY

Last year I grew tomatoes. This year I decided to just grow sunflowers. Well, in Southern California with near-100 degree weather every day and no rain, these sunflowers drink well over a gallon of water a day. I could not have grown them without my Garden Patch GrowBox. Some of these flowers are over 8 inches across! They are beautiful!

Sandra S., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This is my first year using GrowBox and my vegetables are growing so fast.  I have strawberries, 7 different varieties of peppers (sweet and hot), onions and tomatoes.  Thank you GrowBox, I love these boxes and will be buying more next year.

Sophia H., Springfield, IL

Jack B., Escondido, CA

First year using the GrowBox.  Much easier than the garden plot we’ve tended for the past few years.

Anne B., Greeneville, TN

My son Anthony found this in our garden box last night! We didn’t even know it was in there. I think it’s the biggest zucchini we have ever seen! Thanks.

Anthony M., West Babylon, NY

Our Summer home is a fifth wheel in the mountains of Eastern Arizona. The deep reservoirs in our GrowBoxes allow us to return to Phoenix for a day or two without having to worry about our flowers or veggies. The plants beautify our space in the RV park and we are enjoying peppers, tomatoes and squash!

Beverly F., Phoenix, AZ

Here is our corn taller than our roof on our house. Our second picture has yellow squash, peppers, okra, egg plant, tomatoes and corn.

Carl & David B., Bryan, TX

My daughter, Carol, is delighted with her new GrowBoxes. They’re already producing better than my regular garden plants. She’s a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and teaches her patients how important fresh vegetables are to their health.  Now she can have her own homegrown ones!  I gave her 3 boxes to start with but think we’ll have to double that next year.

Carol H., Barrington, RI

These grew all the way to our second story deck above!  Amazing!

Celeste K., Burnsville, MN

JUST LOOK AT THIS ……after one month!  I made a kitchen herb garden for my deck .  I planted rosemary, bay leaf, basil, lemon grass, parsley, thyme and raspberry sorrel.  When my friend gave me my GrowBox for my birthday I was skeptical, but in just one month I was cutting and using my herbs for cooking and in salads. It is so handy to just go out the kitchen door on the deck to snip….snip and add fresh herbs to any meal I may be cooking.  

Cindy W., Pataskala, OH

How exciting it was to see my seeds come to life, I planted tomatoes, green beans, butternut squash, yellow squash, lettuce and cucumbers.   …we enjoyed our vegetables until last week and they were delicious. 

Connie J., Lantana, FL

After 20 years of renting a community garden from my home town, I decided to start a garden at home.  My problem was that my backyard was primarily concrete due to the fact that I used to keep an RV parked there.  I saw an ad for the “Garden Patch” planters and bought six of them.  Attached are some photos of my new successful garden using these planters.  The little, shy looking boy in one of the photos is my three year old grandson, Connor.

Dave S., Torrance, CA

Denise G., Weymouth, MA

My cherry tomato plant in the GrowBox exceeds 10 feet in height (nearly double my height) and is full of tomatoes I’m standing in front of 5 growboxes full of 2014 tomatoes.

Dick G., Portland, OR

Your GrowBoxes are wonderful. This year I planted cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini squash and peppers in my boxes. I was able to provide my family with an abundance of veggies. The cucumber vines grew over my head and supplied us with an abundance for our salads. We were still picking peppers well into October. The plants were loaded. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product.. 

Elain S., Springfield, VT

Even though I transferred my tomato seedlings into the planters later than usual this year and well past the start of the gardening season where I live, thanks to the GrowBoxes and the Nutrient Patches, I was pleasantly surprised to see how rapidly the tomato plants grew and how many tomatoes I have already harvested and will still harvest before the end of the growing season.

Erl P., Tacoma, WA

Started May 14th and picked July 3rd. My mother-in-law bought us 3 GrowBoxes 2 years ago, and we now have 6.  Before that I couldn’t grow anything! Now I’m the talk of my neighborhood. 

Jack B., Sewell, NJ

I started with 3 boxes and last week I ordered 7 more. Banana peppers, Jalapeno peppers and Roma tomatoes. …I already prepared to get some more boxes next year… Why??? Because it is so easy to grow your own veggies.. 1. It does not take a lot of space 2. It gets the right fertilizer 3. It gets the right amount of water 4. The result is amazing 5. Nothing taste better then fresh from the garden 6. It is maintenance free. 7. It gives you joy to do. Kind regards, Mr. Jan V.

Jan V., New Bern, NC

It’s true when you say “Once you try GardenPatch growing you’ll never give ’em up!” I purchased my GrowBoxes in 2007 when we were living in an urban environment with no yard to speak of. Our first vegetable garden was 6 GrowBoxes on a sunny balcony. That tiny garden was such a success a photo of it with my then three year old daughter, Josie,  was featured in your 2007 Photo Stars. Fast forward 7 years, we’ve moved cross country, the kids have grown and I now have space for a 1800 square foot garden. But my Garden Patch GrowBoxes are still in use and still going strong! Here is a photo of my now 10 year old daughter Josie with this year’s planting. I choose my most important plants and grow them in my GrowBoxes. This year we are growing sauce tomatoes for pizza sauce and tomatillos for our famous salsa verde.

Joise M., Eugene, OR

I grew pumpkins in two GrowBoxes!!!!!  I never had a green thumb but a couple years ago I bought GrowBoxes and my mom said my grandma would be proud ( high praise for me!). My pumpkins started spreading on my deck and my husband had to move them to the lawn!!  They just took off!!!! …..look at how many I have!!!!!  I can’t believe it!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!

Marie O., Latham, NY

As we approach the fall here in the Northeast our GrowBoxes are still going strong. Our growing season will soon come to an end. This year we had another fabulous GrowBox growing season.  We will be looking forward to spring 2015 to set up our GrowBoxes once again with our favorite veggies.  Thank You Garden Patch.

Marilyn P., Robbinsville, NJ

Its harvest time in the “Hand GrowBox Garden” and what a harvest its been so far. These boxes are great. The plants do great, there is no weeding, simple watering, and lots of food. I counted the last picking of cherry tomatoes and I harvested 185 tomatoes with many more on the way. Last year I did one box in cucumbers without a nutrient patch and harvested 34 cucumbers. This year with the nutrient patch I harvested 49 cucumbers. A 44% increase!!!! Now that is progress. I love my GrowBoxes and am introducing them to my son-in-law next. This is such an easy way to garden I just love it. Thank you Garden Patch.

Mike H., Portland, OR

Nita M., Terlton, OK

Here’s my daughter Rebekah holding some freshly-picked green beans and tomatoes.  She’s standing in front of heavily-laden jalapeno and green pepper bushes, ripe for harvesting.  I’m really looking forward to the Japanese eggplant, which we had to prop up because there’s so many fruit (or vegetables – people can’t seem to agree what they are) on each plant.   We got a late start here in Santa Fe at 7,200 feet altitude, but the crops are full and great-tasting.  Thanks!

Rebekah D., Santa Fe, MN

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR GROWBOXES!!  These two tomato plants came from identical seeds and were planted on the same day, THE ONLY DIFFERENCE is one is planted in your GrowBox and the other is planted in the dirt in the garden.  The plant in your GrowBox is loaded with ripened red tomatoes 5 and 6 inches in diameter and the one in the garden barely has two little green tomatoes not bigger than 2 inches.  The growing season in northern Nevada is short and if it wasn’t for 10 GrowBoxes, I don’t think I would get any tomatoes.  Thank you for such a great way to help Mother Nature!

Susan J., Reno, NV

Tricia in front of our TEN GrowBoxes!

Tricia B., Chelmsford, MA

We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary by picking the huge zucchini that grew in one of our GrowBoxes this year!!!  God has blessed us and we are truly thankful.  🙂

Warren H., Palos Heights, IL

Our peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and watermelon plants are beautiful.  My husband was mad at me because I paid over $200 for the boxes, but now he is very proud of his plants and is showing them to all his friends.  We have the boxes in our higher level deck. Collecting my beautiful peppers with the help of my grandson.  Never before I had such a beautiful vegetable garden.  The GrowBox is a miracle.  Thanks to whoever invented this boxes for people like me to grow in the house deck.  It is my summer therapy.  I will be waiting impatiently for next spring to come to start my garden again.  Thank you.

Zoraida S., Kentwood, MI

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