“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2015 Customer Results

These photos were sent in as part of our Garden Patch™ Annual Photo Search Giveaway. We give away prizes including Free Garden Patch™ Staking Kits and GrowBoxes™ just for sending in pictures of the results achieved with our products.

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“Our first harvest!! Love my GrowBoxes. Thanks for making gardening fun and easy for newbies like me!!  My tomatoes are about to be as tall as me! Everyone that sees my GrowBoxes wants to know how to order!!”

Vickie R., Lexington, SC

“Second year using the GrowBoxes – everything looks great”

Bob Z., New Philadelphia, OH

“Your products are fabulous and I am so pleased with the results. I can not wait for spring to arrive so I can start planting.  Thank you again”

Jay P., Hopedale, MA

Yes, that’s a 6 foot ladder!

“We planted our first seeds on March 15 and barely 2 months later, what we called “our little garden patch”, we now just refer to as “The Jungle”. It has been a delight watching the phenomenal growth of our plants. From seeds no less!  Amazing that we have so much coming from such a small area. Don’t even think about growing tomatoes without a staking kit and the nutrient patch. We planted one container without them (just for comparison sake) and it really suffered in contrast to the boxes we planted with the stakes and nutrient pack.”

Steven S., Santa Maria, CA

“Every year my husband and I grow a variety of sweet and spicy peppers. We love to pickle, roast and freeze them. We also add peppers to our traditional sofrito (blend of herbs, vegetables and spices) which we use when making traditional meals. Peppers are not only delicious but nutritious for you.”

Marilyn P., Robbinsville, NJ

“Trying to grow Trombetta squash in NJ using GrowBox for the first time. Results are unbelievable. Squash are doing great and today’s pick measured at 36″.”

Vijay, Madhulika & Anuvi G., Bridgewater, NJ

“At 87 years of age I have discovered the ease and joy of tomato gardening using the GrowBox!  I have six GrowBoxes.  My yield mid-season is 154 tomatoes!”

Fred (and Teka) N., Glen Ellyn, IL

“Attached are 4 pictures.  1st one shows the boxes about 1 week after planting them (4-14-15).  The other 3 were taken today, May 16, 2015.  It shows how much the plants have grown, our biggest zucchini and a variety of yellow zucchini that we are trying for the first time.”

Lorelei H., Clinton, MA

“We are overjoyed with your products and glad to share just a small glimpse of the amazing food we’re able to grow by using your GrowBox systems.  I tried a couple GrowBoxes for the first time about 5 years ago, alongside a couple other systems to see which would produce the best outcome. After that, we’ve given away all other systems and added 1-2 GrowBoxes each year to our container garden. I never thought our two young boys would want to join mommy for so long during gardening time, but they have so much fun measuring how tall the huge plants grow and harvesting everything that they often treat it like snack time, eating everything straight off the vine! We couldn’t be happier with the ease at which GrowBoxes allow us to provide fresh and affordable organics for our family! Thanks very much!” 

Alisa S., Jack B., Federal Way, WA

Look at all those peppers! 

Bill R., Queensbury, NY

“I have never ever been able to grow eggplants before The Garden Patch!  I am smitten by them as were my grandchildren! This one got a bit anxious to pick! I normally have a huge yard garden. I decided this year to experiment with 6 boxes much to my liking! THANK YOU!  I chose to try your grow boxes especially after a grueling year before of being burned out on weeds and watering and cost of my very large garden. I keep it going nicely until I take a bit of vacation or the rain keeps me out of the garden and the heat and humidity overwhelm me. Then weeds take over and it is too much! Then..at the end of the growing season, I have a huge mess to clean up! The GrowBoxes have given me my summers and life back! I love the ease of them. Thank you for the invention!”

Nancy C., Chuckey, TN

“Eggplants galore!!! Lots of eggplant parmigiana coming up!  Even Pepper (the dog) loves them!  Bought three boxes last year. I have been gardening for 40 years and never had any crops as beautiful, productive, and delicious as those in your boxes. I plan to buy several more this season.”

Debbie B., Ocean City, NJ

“Recently our family decided to change our lifestyles and along with exercise came eating healthier. We wanted to give the GrowBoxes a shot and boy are we glad we did! Here is our lettuce planted just 4 weeks ago and we are already picking it for fresh salads! We will be placing an order soon for enough to replace our whole garden!  Here is a picture of my four year old son who is giving GrowBoxes a thumbs up.”

Amy A., Lost Creek, WV

“I’m emailing you from lovely Lewisburg, Pennsylvania – where it’s easy to garden with help from a few GrowBoxes! This year, I’m growing tomatoes, yellow and green zucchini and a few different varieties of squash (acorn, butternut, yellow crookneck). Our neighbors refer to our garden as the ‘secret garden’ as it’s tucked away on the patio next to our house. I love having so many zucchini to share with them!”

Julie H., Lewisburg, PA

“Wow! Here’s a photo of Adrian in our organic GrowBox garden – We now have 10 GrowBoxes working for us – keeping us ( …and our friends 🙂 stocked with tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and a wide selection of fresh herbs.  The GrowBoxes give us the ability to be weekend gardeners without the agony of constant weeding.  We placed some of our Grow Boxes into elevated stands and placed them under a framed mesh to keep the critters away.  The Grow Boxes and supports are awesome and and everyone that sees our Grow Box garden is interested in getting one of their own. Thanks for making these available, there’s no going back to in-ground gardening for us!!!”

Adrian & Oresta F., Wayne, NJ

“This is 9 year old Abbie B.  from Ohio with another amazing 1 day harvest of 10 cucumbers from 1 GrowBox! She is so proud of herself!”

Abbie & Dawn B., Centerville, OH

“I really love your GrowBoxes! It has been so much fun using them and the plants grow like crazy! I’ve got Cantaloupes, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers. The Tomatoes are the new Steakhouse variety that are supposed to get to 2 or 3 pounds in size and the Cantaloupes are the new El Gordo Variety that get to 12 to 15 pounds!  I can’t believe how heavy my Cantaloupes are getting in the Garden Patch GrowBox! Six plants in one box!”

Brian H., Greenville, NC

“Thank you garden patch for a wonderful product! We have been using your boxes for 3 years and have nothing but success with them. My girls love to check our garden every morning and pick the cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and peppers.  I love your product and recommend it to anyone I know that loves to garden!   Also I can attest that the nutrient patches make a HUGE difference.  One year based on my budget I was only was able to purchase 2 patches for my 4 boxes.  The 2 boxes that had the nutrient patches thrived and produced huge cucumbers and tomatoes.  The other 2 boxes which consisted of peas and peppers did produce but only small amounts and tiny vegetables.  Last year I used the nutrient patch on all my boxes and everything thrived!  Because of moles and rabbits I can’t plant a garden in the ground and thanks to the garden boxes I can have a garden on my deck that produces all summer long sometimes into the late fall!”

Kimberli S., Stafford, VA

“Peppers, melons, strawberries and green beans.  Quinalt strawberries”

Kate M., Bandera, TX

“Absolutely game changing!  We grew corn, 20 plants total over 2 boxes.  The harvest was amazing and all summer long we had extra shade on the deck and a natural privacy screen from our urban neighbors.  We absolutely love your product– it really enabled both our ability to garden in a more urban environment (without the plot of land I grew up on) and with bigger healthier and more productive plants.”

Kevin S., Vienna, VA

“This was my daughters first “harvest” using the GrowBoxes. They are unbelievably easy to use and we’ve grown enough zucchini and beans to a point of giving some to the neighbors. Cannot wait for the corn to be done.”

 Mark P., Powell, OH

“We are from Palm Coast, and we own 6 GrowBoxes. These are the green beans. We have okra and Roma tomatoes next to one another.  I am a city person, and only had time for just house plants. Moving to the south gave me new ideas to try at. So seeing your advertisement and deciding to take a shot at growing some veggies. I enjoy using the GrowBoxes. I’ve grown a few choices in veggies. I even talked some of my friends in getting them.”

Vanessa & Foxe J., Palm Coast, FL

“The answer to a ledge”

Penny K., Walpole, MA

“Our cucumbers and peppers are doing so well and producing so much!  We started using GrowBoxes several years back.  Our house at that time had no garden space, therefore the grow boxes were a perfect solution!  We started off with (3) and had very high yields of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers & zucchini. Our daughter is nine years old & loves gardening.  She loves to go pick veggies, as you can see from the pictures!  Thanks for the fun experience.

Shannon W., La Center, WA

WATERMELON! “Tomatoes, cantaloupe, green beans!  Love GrowBoxes!!”

Carol S., Unicoi, TN

“Kim with our 14 inch zucchini! We have 3 boxes and love them.”

Mike D., Gulph Mills, PA

“Just wanted to let you know that I have planted tomato plants in large pots before without much success , but with the GrowBox we had tomatoes all summer… we really enjoyed the experience.”

Victor B., Altoona, PA

“This is our 2nd year of using your GrowBoxes.  Last year we had 3 boxes of tomatoes.  This year we have 6 boxes:  3 with tomatoes, 1 with green peppers, 1 with squash (both yellow and zucchini) and 1 with okra.”

Wayne & Ruth B., Durham, NC

“Peppers and Romaine Lettuce growing very nicely. Cucumbers and melon extending the vines.”

Brian G., Liverpool, NY

“Usually harvest is mid to the end of August for us, but I’ve already made some fantastically delicious pesto from my basil. I LOVE my Grow boxes!” Also, I recommended GrowBox to a friend who bought several & gave them as Christmas gifts & the recipients were so happy!”

Ann B., Meredith, NH

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