“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2016 Customer Results

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“I have been enjoying my GrowBoxes for years. They make gardening fun and easy. My basil gets so big that I make pesto and freeze it in ice cube trays so I have it all year long. Love your products!!”

Debra G., Farmingdale, NY

“I am a huge supporter of your GrowBox… I started with GrowBoxes in 2009 and have since gotten over a dozen families involved with the GrowBoxes!  We all post them on Facebook and all compare whose has the better crop!…  I couldn’t imagine starting Spring without them.”

Jake & Tine S., Brick, NJ

“The tomatoes aren’t the only Giants in the photo. I stand 6′-6″ and some of the plants are a foot taller than me!…  This is the 3rd year I’ve planted in the same soil!! Lots of canning ahead!!…  I need to get more boxes because digging is getting a little too much for me and I can just put the boxes in the yard anywhere!…  I use my boxes on the patio on the side of the house and as you can see from the picture my plants are very hardy and quite tall.  Well one day towards the end of summer I got a not so pleasant letter from the electric company telling me to remove the obstruction from around my meter.  The meter reader couldn’t read it.  Ha!…  But I must say, this is certainly a testament to the quality and size of my plants!… GrowBoxes renewed my gardening fun and I so look forward to planting them each year.”

Jeff B., Pemberton, NJ

“What A Kick! My Health Kick Tomatoes are prolific this year!!! I’m making lots of marinara sauce for the winter!! Love my GrowBoxes”

Debbie S., Oklahoma City, OK

“Pictured here are my grandchildren Brooke (5) and Tyler (3), who love to “harvest” my tomatoes when they come to visit us.  “Take our picture again, Grammie” is what I hear… Brooke and Tyler so enjoy picking the tomatoes for me. Although, I do have to keep reminding Tyler to only pick the red ones.  I started using the GrowBoxes 5 years ago after several seasons of grubs ruining my tomato plants. No more in-the-ground vegetable gardens for me! In the past seasons, I’ve planted cucumbers, sweet peppers, green beans, zucchini and of course, tomatoes in these boxes! This year I planted grape tomatoes and Celebrity tomatoes. They’ve been growing fabulously on my deck…no more grubs! By the way, I love the new staking kits!”

Brooke, Tyler & Jane Y., Lockport, NY

“Two years ago, I was looking for a low maintenance way to have a vegetable garden. I researched many types of container gardens and settled on GrowBox. I am extremely relieved that I did! This product has taken me from wanting a few tomatoes to basically running a Farmers Market. The growth of the plants blew me away. I started with thirteen boxes the first year and expanded to twenty-five this past season. I will continue to grow my garden each year since I find even more exotic plants to enjoy. Thank you GrowBox, for I am one happy customer.”

Gary P., Oliver, PA

“My family has really enjoyed using our GrowBoxes every year! Our plants always do great! We are always thankful for the abundance of tomatoes that grow in our grow boxes… Always plenty to share with neighbors and friends at church. 🙂 This year we added a box and decided to try planting butternut squash, watermelon and pumpkins…all in one box! My husband is very excited about the outcome!”

Bronwyn H., Palos Heights, IL

“Attached is a photo of the beginning of our harvest of tomatoes from our GrowBox tomato-growing experiment. We planted 2 small tomato plants per GrowBox as directed on April 16, 2016 and began harvesting our first red, ripe, delicious tomatoes on July 4, 2016. Thank you for a great product! This was my third-year growing tomatoes with my GrowBoxes. Planting just after the last frost in April, we were eating juicy tomatoes in mid-June, and the plants kept producing great tomatoes until Oct. 16th.  It was great to have such a long eating season with our GrowBoxes!”

Maureen M., Prattville, AL

“Helping Grandpa with the garden… I love my GrowBoxes, I have 10, as they make growing an amazing variety of vegetables a breeze. My grandkids love to help me harvest when they come over. Who knew picking and washing vegetables could be so fun. They are so proud to take home a bag to mom and dad.”

Olivia & Steve D., Long Beach, CA

“My ‘maters are doing great!  I don’t have a good sunny spot that is protected from deer, so GrowBoxes and my closed in porch has been the solution… I’ve never had luck with vegetables in the ground; I have clay soil.  Also, there are too many deer in the area.  So, I’ve done my planting in GrowBoxes on my side porch.  Plenty of sun and protected from deer.  I’ve already purchased my nutrient patches so I am ready for spring planting.”

Charles F., Chapin, SC

“Every year my husband and I grow a variety of sweet and spicy peppers. We love to pickle, roast and freeze them. We also add peppers to our traditional sofrito (blend of herbs, vegetables and spices) which we use when making traditional meals. Peppers are not only delicious but nutritious for you.”

Marilyn P., Robbinsville, NJ

“GrowBox goodies. Except for tomatoes, all started from seeds… We have used this form of vegetable gardening for two years and love it. Can’t wait for spring for our 3rd year.”

Susan A., Madison, CT

“I bought 6 GrowBoxes. I gave 3 to my son-in-law. And he sure has had the best crops ever…  After 6 years of unsuccessful gardening in different raised bed locations around my yard I finally found success in an amazing new product (new to me) that my mother-in-law turned me on to.  The Garden Patch GrowBox.  2016’s yield was out of this world!…  I can’t wait to try new vegetable combinations in my GrowBox for 2017.  Truly a great product!”

John M., Lockport IL

“Green thumb despite record heat… GrowBoxes give the opportunity to grow more during the season with very less effort. We are able to grow 10 plus varieties of vegetables organically with excellent harvest.”

Shreya G., Bridgewater, NJ

“I have been around farming and have had a garden all my life but I’ve never seen anything like this. With my back problems at age 69 I decided to take a friend’s advice and try the GrowBoxes. I will never have an in ground garden again. Easier to take care of and less pest and disease problems. Thank you Garden Patch for a fantastic product!”

Larry S., Macon, GA

“This is 1 GrowBox with 2 starter yellow zucchini plants that just took over. It’s our 2nd year and we’re amazed and thrilled. It is so easy to set up and maintain it’s fun. The results are just incredible… Just a great product at a fair price with excellent support. What more could anyone ask???”

Mike M., Jacksonville, FL

“My husband and I love these GrowBoxes, they make home gardening convenient and easy. Every evening we add water to the reservoirs to keep them full and the only other work involved is picking the veggies, and that’s the fun part! My husband was especially pleased with today’s harvest of green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes!”

Art S., Unicoi, TN

“I just wanted to share my story with the Garden Patch family.  I purchased 6 of your grow boxes in Feb. 2016… I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have surgery in April, then rounds of chemo.  I had the last chemo treatment yesterday, July 6, and am hoping that going forward my health will get better.  But even though I’ve been going through a rough time, the one thing that helped keep me going was the fact that I had my own little garden to take care of and nourish… Every day I would look out my window and see my garden slowly growing and it cheered me up immensely… I am so pleased with the success of growing in my own tiny, little yard that I just placed an order for 10 more boxes… I believe that growing and taking care of my vegetables in your GrowBoxes was great therapy for me, not just mentally but also physically. Even on the days I was so weak, it gave me such delight and still does… I love your product and I thank you for helping put a smile back onto my face.”

Lea C., New Bedford, MA

“My granddaughter Isabelle, said it’s like a big bouquet. I have never harvested peppers planted in the ground until late August/September, if then. This year I decided to try some in the GrowBox. What a wonderful surprise. I had picked the first batch about 2-1/2 weeks earlier and when our granddaughter, Isabelle visits, she always wants to check the GrowBoxes.”

Judy H., Morgantown, WV

“5 weeks, 5 cucumbers and more…”

Paul S., Lawton, MI

“We are amazed how well anything grows in these boxes. My husband gave me 6 GrowBoxes last year for my birthday. I am a Master Gardener of Hamilton County, in Chattanooga Tennessee and love learning new ways to grow food and then teaching others how to do it.  I have a smallish yard and a giant dog that likes to dig, so container gardening was the way to go for me. I have planted in buckets and pots in the past without a big yield. I had been studying about the GrowBox method and wanted to try it, so my husband decided to surprise me with them. I have been so amazed to watch my plants grow so well and produce so much. My tomatoes were a wonder! We had to have a ladder to pick the ones up high. And my neighbors were equally as excited with my crop because they got to share in the bounty!! My Fall crop was equally as amazing. I have been telling everyone that I can about the GrowBoxes and how easy it is to grow your own.”

Vicki G., Lookout Mountain, GA

“I love the GrowBoxes for planting flowers on my deck. Because my deck faces south, everything I try to plant dries out and dies so quickly. By planting my flowers in the GrowBoxes, watering is not a problem and I have beautiful foliage and blooms all summer long to make my deck look beautiful. I’ve been doing this for a few years with great luck. Love your product!”

Wanda C., Lynn Center, IL

“The result of our first pick.  Beautiful peppers and Puerto Rican Sweet Peppers. Ready to prepare our sofrito. These plants are the envy of my neighborhood. I have 14 and plan to order more for next year. I cannot wait until spring comes to use my GrowBox for the third year.”

Zoraida S., Kentwood, MI

“This is my 3rd year with the GrowBox system…  I am always on the go with family and work. The GrowBox System really makes it easy to grow my own vegetables. Looking forward to many more years of fresh vegetables… So happy with how easy it is to grow fruits and vegetables with the GrowBox. Thank you, great product!! I am a very satisfied customer.”

Jill F., Pelham, NH

“Front photo of my red-hot chili peppers, at least 50 and more growing!”

Paul P., Davenport, IA

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