“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2017 Customer Results

These photos were sent in as part of our Garden Patch™ Annual Photo Search Giveaway. We give away prizes including Free Garden Patch™ Staking Kits and GrowBoxes™ just for sending in pictures of the results achieved with our products.

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“I’m the new owner of a Grow Box. I purchased 2 each of Early Girl tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. I planted one Early Girl and one Cherry in the Grow Box and the other ones in black buckets…  On the right side of the Grow Box is the Early Girl seen next to its counterpart in the black bucket. What a difference!”

Susan T.
East Hampton, CT

“I have 10 grow boxes, and they are completely full of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, squash, herbs, spinach, lettuce, and strawberries…  I actually gave up veggie gardening for a few years because it just didn’t seem worth it. I have changed my mind, and its because of your grow boxes!!  I have been gardening for MANY years, and have never had a 4’+ pepper plant, until I started using your GrowBoxes!! I am going to need more canning equipment very soon!!! My Staking Kits have served as frames for protective covers for baby veggie plants, and saved my entire garden from a late spring freeze just last season!”

Victoria M.
Westminster, CO

“I love your boxes, I have grown cucumbers, summer and winter squash for a few years in your boxes, but this is the first year I grew tomatoes in them. I have never has such a successful crop of tomatoes. I never canned so many tomatoes! Thank you for such a great product. Looking forward to a repeat crop this year.”

Sara P.
Wilbraham, MA

“Ran out of sunny spots at my house across the river so I’m growing my veggies in my spare boat on the sunny side of the river.”

Valerie M.
Oxford, CT

“I had planted six of these in the growbox and five plants in a separate pot with miracle grow soil. After 10 weeks of growth there were more than 24 eggplants and multiple blossoms in the growbox container and only three eggplants in the miracle grow pot. The plants are about a foot tall.  Growbox plants are 3 feet high!”

Larry C.
Durango, CO

“We are amazed how well anything grows in these boxes. My husband gave me 6 GrowBoxes last year for my birthday. I am a Master Gardener of Hamilton County in Chattanooga Tennessee and love learning new ways to grow food and then teaching others how to do it…  I have been so amazed to watch my plants grow so well and produce so much. My tomatoes were a wonder! We had to have a ladder to pick the ones up high. And my neighbors were equally as excited with my crop because they got to share in the bounty!!  My Fall crop was equally as amazing. I have been telling everyone that I can about the GrowBoxes and how easy it is to grow your own… They are amazing! Thanks again. I can’t wait for Spring!!!!

Thanks for the fun Growbox team.”

Vicki G.
Lookout Mountain, GA

“This summer was the 2nd year that I had the boxes and I had an even better season than the first summer.  I got a lot of tomatoes to enjoy and share w/ my friends, and to me that is what gardening is about.”

Charles F.
Chapin, SC

“We love our GrowBoxes! They make growing fresh food easy and fun! They produce great results and extend the growing season up here in Minnesota! Our boys love planting, watering, picking, and most of all, eating everything the GrowBoxes produce. When kids get involved in the growing process it makes them much more likely to love eating the results! Thank you GrowBox!!!”

Nathan D.
Lino Lakes, MN

“We have 13 boxes. No more rabbits eating my lettuce and carrots; chipmunks eating my tomatoes and whatever pests that constantly made my gardening stressful…We are having a great tomato season. Almost every afternoon a full bowl… This is our 5th year with The GrowBoxes and they ‘Rock’. Thank you GardenPatch”

Tricia B.
Billerica, MA

“We love our Grow Boxes!  The fertilizer mix is the best around.  These tomatoes in the Grow Boxes were planted at the same time as the row just to the right of my wife, and the ones in the Grow Boxes are already over 6 feet tall compared with the ones in the ground being less than half the size!  Just amazing!  Can’t wait to see the bounty we get from these tomato “trees”!”

Scott M.
Daleville, AL

“This was my first year gardening with GrowBoxes.  They were very easy to assemble.  In less than an afternoon I put together 10 of them, filled them with potting soil, planted my seedlings, put on the nutrient patch and the staking kits, and topped off the water reservoirs.  Almost instantly my deck became a full sized garden.  I was amazed at how quickly the plants grew.  No tilling, no weeding, no effort at all.  Nothing better than fresh vegetables you grow yourself.  Fall cleanup was a snap and the boxes are ready to go again.  I can’t wait until planting time next year.  In fact I plan to expand my garden with even more GrowBoxes next spring.  Thank you for a great product!”

Michael P.
Eagle, NE

“We are “snowbirds” and have two boxes in Vermont and two in Florida.  I am a folk artist and when I saw that lovely green “hair” I just had to paint a face on the box!!!  This is our second year using the boxes and we have previously planted lettuce, chard and kale.  And we have had so much lettuce that we have given a lot away to our neighbors.  We are now going to try tomatoes and are very excited about our “winter” garden.  We love our GrowBoxes!  We can now have a garden all year long!!!  ”

Martha S.
Londonderry, VT

“We’ve used GrowBoxes for six years to grow vegetables for the local food pantry: tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, cabbage, lettuce. It’s amazing what you can grow on concrete! We have a little soil around the perimeter of the courtyard for green beans, cucumbers, and this year bee-friendly flowers since we now have three bee hives. Last spring, I put together a PowerPoint presentation of our gardening experience for members of our presbytery to encourage their congregations with little property to “get growing.”  Phyllis H., pastor”

Phyllis H.
Columbus, OH

“As the home care staff walked up the sidewalk to my house, they were greeted by the two tomato plants in the GrowBox. The plants were thriving and had spread across the porch 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall. Since there were far too many tomatoes for us to eat, I would ask the home care staff if they would like to pick some tomatoes to eat on the way to their next patient. I am so pleased with my GrowBox purchase two years ago. I’m hoping to add another one next year for more fantastic produce to enjoy with my family and friends…

Shirley G.
Sauk Rapids, MN

“Absolutely love my growboxes! This year I grew Tabasco peppers, Jalapeno peppers, and Red/Green Bell peppers.  We planted in late April.  I only planted 2 tabasco plants but the peppers, they just kept on coming!  I made Tabasco vinegar, gave lots away and still have more! We have eaten so many stuffed Jalapenos from just 3 jalapeno plants! Best way to grow peppers! …and I think I’ll have peppers till Thanksgiving! Thanks for inventing these!”

Matt R.
Poplar Bluff, MO

“I thought my gardening days were over, until my son introduced me to Garden Patch GrowBoxes!”

Randall M.
Williamson, WV

“Picture of me with one day of harvest. GrowBoxes are amazing! …We love our GrowBoxes!”

Scott M.
Daleville, AL

“”So heavy we have to use extra support.”  (Guess who ordered GrowBox Support Cages later…)”

Kristin S.
Riverside, CA

“My plants are beautiful, they are full of tomatoes, peppers, sweet peppers from Puerto Rico and other vegetables.  Very soon we will be collecting our goodies for the 3rd year.  We started with ten boxes and now have 17″

Zoraida S.
Kentwood, MI

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