“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

2018 Customer Results

These photos were sent in as part of our Garden Patch™ Annual Photo Search Giveaway. We give away prizes including Free Garden Patch™ Staking Kits and GrowBoxes™ just for sending in pictures of the results achieved with our products.

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I planted tomatoes in the ground and in the boxes on the same day. The ones in the boxes went crazy, the stem of the plant thickened, they were noticeably greener , much healthier . The ones in the ground did not change much at all….. The Growboxes are so much easier to take care of hands down.”

Paula S.
Wooster, OH

“”We used the GrowBox to grow a healthy harvest of zucchini in the spring/summer period. After we harvested the zucchini, we planted cauliflower for the late summer which also grew wonderfully. It seemed more the name should be Miracle GrowBox because our plants did so well. We’re planning to plant zucchini again this spring, and now with a second GrowBox, we’ll have to decide what else we will grow alongside the zucchini! We’re so excited!

Jose S.
Santa Barbara, CA

I’m a rooftop city Gardner with limited time. I rely on the Grow Box to simplify my efforts and yet want good results… I had a terrific growing season using your growbox for tomatoes and cucumbers right in the middle of NYC.”

Steven M.
New York, NY

“These are the best things that I have purchased in a long time. So easy to use and not much watering involved since all I do is fill the bottoms.”

Elaine A.
Lakeland, FL

“I always wait until Mother’s Day to plant my vegetables. Already have pulled off 8 cucumbers and a few yellow cherry tomatoes. After not using the nutrient patch last year thinking I could do a better job fertilizing, what a mistake!

Went back to using your nutrient patch and what a huge difference! I’ve added 3 more boxes this year for a total of nine and looking forward to a variety of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupe.

Having the staking kit on all of the boxes makes it easy to keep inside each container….Thanks again for such an easy growing system!”Bruce HageMidlothian, VA

“It’s amazing that veggies grow into jungle size in the Growboxes… This was found hiding in the midst of the jungle size leaves. 13″ long with a fat 11″ circumference.

Thanks for the fun Growbox team.”ChrisHercules CA

“This photo was taken on July 4th Independence Day. Our kids and grandkids love the fresh garden lettuce salads the Grow Box provides every day they’re with us. We love it too… We live in Vermont with a short growing season. Nearby friends – Bud & Martha S. introduced us to the GrowBox while wintering in Florida last year… They are avid users and fans of GrowBox. My wife and I (both now semi-retired) have been container growing around our patio for years of frustration with the VT short season. The GrowBox has changed all that. The steady fertilization along with constant soil moisture system produces an abundance of fresh vegies never before possible.”Jay & Kathy Snyder
Landgrove, VT

This was our first year and first attempt with the GrowBox… The difference between regular planting and using the GrowBox was astonishing! When we planted our cucumbers, we gave a few seedlings to our neighbor; her cucumber plants produced a few cucumbers but ours..oh my gosh. We had to give some of them away because there were so many!! We’ve never had such a success with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers here. Needless to say, our neighbor wants to try the GrowBox this summer.”

Dr. Agnes F.
Olympia, WA

“I am a paraplegic and the Grow Boxes make gardening very easy.

I have never grown petunias from seed before, but I gave it a try this year for first time and they have been so easy to grow in these Grow Boxes!

We have had a hot summer and the blooms keep on coming and couldn’t look any better. The grow boxes supply just right amount of water needed…

I planted some petunias in clay pots at the same time I did the Grow Boxes and they have to be watered twice a day and they are starving for nutrients. I just ordered three more grow boxes that are on the way and I plan to transplant the petunias in the clay pots into the Grow Boxes. I hope the petunias in the clay pots can hang on until the Grow Boxes get here.”David R. & Zoos
Havana, IL

My husband and I are using GrowBoxes for the first time, and we love it.  We’ve planted tomatoes, jalapenos, and peppers in 3 boxes, and they are all just starting to bear fruit. We excitedly check them every day to see how it has progressed.  We cannot wait until they are ripe enough to pick and eat! I’ve attached photos of what we have so far.  Notice how high they’ve grown.

Yoly MG,
Durham, NC

More than four years ago, I discovered the Grow Boxes, and within a few months, I had purchased 35 of them for my vegetable gardens on the garage roof and in the front yard. Since then, we have given gifts of Grow Boxes to neighbors, our grown children, and friends, and I explain how wonderful they are to anyone who wants to garden. We grow most of our own vegetables, and I am constantly buying seeds for new varieties of vegetables and herbs. Tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplant, lettuces, kohlrabi, rutabaga, beets, fennel… we rarely buy vegetables and often have to give away those that are too prolific.”

Courtney L.
Santa Barbara, CA

“I think I’m going to need a bigger bowl! With massive amounts of rain this spring and summer, most of my friends and family are complaining about their gardens not growing or producing. Glad I tried GrowBoxes this year, so I can show off (and share!)”

Jules R.
Berkeley Springs, WV

“We let our granddaughter Aubree have her first Grow Box! Can you guess she loves it!!”

Bob B.
Detroit/Downriver, MI

I can’t say enough how much I love my Growboxes!!! My garden has come such a long way from when I first started using the Growbox System about 4 years ago. The Growbox make it so easy and convenient to grow your own vegetables. I grew corn last year and it was so simple that I went with 2 boxes this year. My cucumbers and peppers are growing fantastic … Again, great product and I recommend using this for any novice or experienced gardener. It really does work!!!

Jill F.
Pelham, NH


“I love my Growboxes because the plants grow like crazy. Also, no weeds and less bugs.My plants are super healthy and growing so fast! I enjoy this way of growing vegetables for four years now and always plan to grow this way.”

Michelle S.
Palmerton, PA

“I saw the flyer for the Grow Box in Reader’s Digest. I was skeptical but thought I would give it a try as I have a very short growing season here in NY. Turns out it was way better than I expected! I cannot pick them fast enough and now my co-workers want to order next year! The Grow Box even survived a severe storm that ripped shingles off my roof!”

Bill P.
Palmyra, NY

“We live in northern Minnesota, about 100 miles from Canada… We have a short growing season in northern Minnesota, but we’ll have all the tomatoes we can use… We have eaten, canned, and shared tomatoes with neighbors… The pictures are from late August which gives us about another month until first frost.

We have just acquired a second home in Florida for winter use, and I’m anxious to see what we can grow there. New Grow Boxes will be our first order.

It’s hard to believe the productivity of the GrowBoxes.”

Renae & Neil B.
Park Rapids, MN

“I thought it would be fun to grow tomatoes on the front patio. I ordered Grow Boxes but didn’t order the stakes until they started growing so fast. As you can see, the tomato plants are far taller than my 16 year old daughter and we have enjoyed many salads and caprese appetizers with these delicious tomatoes. It made the whole process easy and fun for us.”

Claire & Kenzie C.
Portland, OR

For years I have been trying to grow tomatoes on my patio and for going on 8 years have been totally unsuccessful. However this year, with your GrowBox, the results have been beyond amazing. I started picking at the end of June and in addition to those, I picked a ton today. So far I’ve picked 254 and this is only July 20th. Up until the GrowBox, I was about to give up!!!!!”

Alfred S.
Fishkill NY

“My grow box… and Harley in Wilson, WY at 6200′ elevation and 0 humidity. Love the box!”

Laura N. & Harley
Wilson, WY

This is my 3rd year gardening in the Grow Boxes, but my first attempt with eggplants. And what a “bountiful” crop… Here in Blue Springs, Missouri, we’ve had two months of very hot weather with most days in the 90’s. But watering is easy with the boxes, and the plants keep getting bigger and bigger. My grandson loves to help, and enjoys the garden, with it’s fragrant smells and butterfly sightings. He has already said he plans to have his own garden when he grows up. What a gift to pass on to the next generation!”

Karson N.
Blue Springs, MO

I am a paraplegic and the Growboxes make gardening very easy. I have never grown petunias from seed before but I gave it a try this year for first time and they have been so easy to grow in these grow boxes! We have had hot summer and the blooms keep on coming and couldnt look any better. I planted some petunias in clay pots at same time i did the Growboxes and they have to be watered twice a day and they are starving for nutrients… As you can see I definitely need to do some trellising with my melons. They have grown so fast I haven’t been able to keep up.”

David R.
Havana, IL

“We have been harvesting Takeda peppers all summer long. Can not believe how productive the plants have been in the GrowBox. Plenty to give away and more to dry and save over the winter!”

Chris A.
Frederick, MD

“I didn’t think they could grow this big in Alaska.”

Michele T.
Russian Mission, AK

“I’ve never had so many tomatoes and cucumbers in one season! We had to order the support kit for the tomatoes, just to keep them from getting damaged on the ground. And the cucumbers are HUGE! This is fun! Will experiment with more boxes next year.”

Dr. Agnes F.
Olympia, WA

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