“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

The Garden Patch GrowBox™ Self-Watering Tomato Planter

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  • No Weeding – No Digging – No Guessing!
  • Automatically adds the right amount of water and fertilizer for you!
  • Less watering for you. Holds days more water than others – 47%
  • Free Premium Blend Fertilizer included – an $8.95 value.

The Original Tomato Planter That Gives You The Best Garden Imaginable!

Without weeding, creating a watering schedule or figuring out the right soil composition? If you said yes, The Garden Patch GrowBox is the perfect all-in-one tomato planter for you.

This Self-Watering Tomato Planter Sets Up In Less Than 5 Minutes!

  • All you have to do is make sure the water container doesn’t become empty.
  • The tomato planter was designed for commercial gardeners but is so easy to use, anyone from 5 years old to 95 years old can use it with ease.
  • There is no weeding, digging, or bending over! Just set it up and watch your tomatoes grow better than ever!
  • It also comes with our FREE Premium Fertilizer to take all of the guess work out.

Best of all, it comes with our 365 day risk free guarantee!

– Size: 28”L x 14”W x 12”H
– It holds 4 gallons of water so it will last 47% longer than others
Standard Colors: Green or Terra Cotta.
Premium Colors Available for an additional $8 each – Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant, and Lime.

*Soil/Potting Mix and seeds not included

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Top Customer Reviews

So many tomatoes!

4.0 rating
October 6, 2017

Overwhelmed with tomatoes in my three little boxes it was just wonderful

Kay Lyon

These are great with little space

5.0 rating
October 4, 2017

I will be ordering the grow boxes this spring most definitely I live in a housing where we are limited for space, but this is definitely what I need.

Carol Buck

I'm adding to my garden

5.0 rating
September 17, 2017

I just recently ordered my fourth grow box and love them they do the job just perfect

Abelandmia Espinoza

First year is a success!

5.0 rating
September 17, 2017

This is my first year using the grow boxes. I bought ten, put them in my new greenhouse and transplanted all the heirloom tomatoes and peppers I started from seed. I am really impressed by how well they grew with little effort. The supports I purchased worked well, had no diseases, blossom end rot, cracking or splitting, which is common with heirlooms, and they all grew to the sizes that are normal for their variety if not bigger. The yields were also higher then I normally would get from growing in the ground. Next year I am purchasing a larger greenhouse, more boxes and will do a weekly update including how many pounds I harvested.

Joyce Ownes

Can't wait to buy more next year!

5.0 rating
July 5, 2017

I bought 10 boxes earlier this year. Wow, I can’t say enough. My tomatoes, green peppers, snow pea pods, cantaloupe, and leaf lettuce are going crazy! I will be buying 10 more next year. Thank you for this product!

Janie Hollenback
Most recent customer reviews

It's just like you said

5.0 rating
September 28, 2018

Very pleased with my Growbox. It really helps extend the gardening season up north. Easy to care for, no weeding; mulching and fertilizing are already taken care of when you set it up; just watering as needed by filling the reservoir. Larger plants and hot weather will necessitate more frequent watering but that’s to be expected in any garden. I plan on buying a bunch more for next year.

Michelle Storrusten

Very simple!

5.0 rating
September 7, 2018

Easy to use, just add water and watch them grow.

Neil Bock

This is great

5.0 rating
May 24, 2018

We’ve always had a huge garden and decided that wasn’t what we wanted to do this year. I purchased 6 grow boxes and planted my spring garden. WOW! is all I can say – as well as everyone else. I’ve never had a garden grow this quickly, nor look this healthy. Excited is an understatement. I’m planning to purchase more grow boxes and can’t wait to get started on the late summer garden. We’ll never go back to the traditional garden.

Terri King
More Information
When you ask people what the biggest hassle with growing plants and vegetables is, more often than not, their response will be keeping up with the watering schedule.

In all honesty, this response is accurate. There is a science behind properly watering plants. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as pouring a bunch of water into a pot. Anyone who has ever tried to grow anything whether it be flowers, vegetables, or even just a standard plant is likely well aware of how precise the amount of water needs to be.

Too much water can easily become an issue. Believe it or not, overwatering can actually kill your plants. Just as humans can drown, plants can as well. Overwatering isn’t the only concern. Not providing your plants with enough water can cause them to either become extremely unhealthy or completely dry out and die.

While a proper watering schedule and a precise amount of water is important when it comes to growing any type of plant, it becomes especially crucial when it comes to trying to grow vegetables.

For your plants to produce vegetables, they need to be in good health. Many people avoid growing their own vegetables and other types of plants because they think it will be too much of a hassle or that it will result in nothing more than a waste of time.

Believe it or not, it’s a lot simpler than many people think, especially when it comes to growing in self-watering pots.

So, how do self-watering pots work?

It’s a rather simple concept. Basically, self-watering planters work by supplying plants with water from the bottom instead of from the top.

This ingenious planter design has a reservoir on the bottom that stores water. When the soil in the planter becomes dry, water is drawn up from the reservoir and is then supplied directly to the roots of the plants as well as the surrounding soil.

All you have to do is make sure the reservoir has water in it. The planter will take care of the rest of the work.

One of the best things about self-watering containers would be the fact that they supply plants with the perfect amount of water at just the right time. This literally eliminates the hassles of having to follow a watering schedule and it also completely rids the danger of over or under watering your plants.

This type of planter can be used inside or outside which offers even more convenience. When a person decides to use outdoor garden beds, there are many factors that come into play that can either make or break their plants.

First of all, they must take into consideration the amount of sunlight that the plants will absorb while outside. On top of that, they must also consider the average temperature. Specific plants need to be planted in specific temperatures. This greatly limits the type of plants a person can grow during different seasons throughout the year, especially in certain areas.

Luckily, The Garden Patch has a solution for this issue. Our self-watering indoor planters allow people to grow whatever type of plants they would like at any time during the year. On top of that, they are also portable. This feature allows people to easily move their planters around and even allows people to take them outside.

The Garden Patch Grow Box is one of the best self-watering planters on the market. Aside from ensuring that your plants will always be supplied with the right amount of water, this grow box also takes care of many of the other hassles associated with gardening.

Basically, any person with any amount of gardening experience can expect to grow healthy plants and vegetables on their very first try.

Let’s take a moment to go over why this is possible.

First and foremost, this planter is self-watering. However, this grow box also comes with other amazing features. For example, the Garden Patch Grow Box is also self-fertilizing. When you use our planter, you will never have to worry about your plants being malnourished. This ensures that you will be able to grow healthy plants and vegetables with ease.

Also, this planter completely gets rid of the need to weed. Anyone who has ever spent countless hours weeding their garden likely understands how remarkable this feature is.

Our self-watering grow boxes are easy to set up. In fact, you can have your box set up in less than five minutes.

If you would like to be able to grow tomatoes like a pro, start your own salad garden, or plant other things with ease such as peppers or even flowers to add a decorative touch to your home, the Garden Patch Grow Box is the perfect fit for your needs.

In reality, this planter takes care of the most common issues in gardening, plus more. Get yours today and learn what it’s like to be able to grow plants with ease while having a lot of fun at the same time!

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