"My neighbors laughed when I ordered... now
THEY ALL want a tomato garden like mine!"


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June 21st 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

    “I always wait until Mother's Day to plant my vegetables. Already have pulled off 8 cucumbers and a few yellow cherry tomatoes. After not using the nutrient patch last year thinking I could do a better job fertilizing, what a mistake! Went back to using your...

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June 14th 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

      “We purchased a 6 pack of Grow Boxes and I gave my mother one Grow Box with two tomato plants. She says it's the biggest she's ever had! She lives in metro Atlanta. I used the other 5 Grow Boxes at my home in Midville, GA. I planted bell peppers, tomatoes,...

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June 7th 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

“We have had Grow boxes for years, and recommend  them to everybody. I planted tomatoes in the ground and in the boxes on the same day. The ones in the boxes went crazy, the stem of the plant thickened, they were noticeably greener , much healthier . The ones in the...

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May 31st 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

      “Poppie and me enjoying squash and zucchini soup made from our Garden Patch Grow Boxes! I am so glad to have these farm to table evenings with my grandfather!” Calvin Vise & Ashton C. Franklinton, LA Garden Patch™ GrowBox™ Also see discounted GOOD, BETTER, and...

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May 24th 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

      “The growboxes have made it so fun and easy to have a veggie garden in my paved backyard. Got 15 of them. Ran short of one nutrient patch for the last growbox. So decided to plant 2 of the tomato plants in one without the nutrient patch as an experiment for...

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