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Photo Contest Winners

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Do You Have Everything You Need For Your Best Garden Ever?

Our Final Weekly Photo Contest Winner

"That's the question one of my friends asked as she approached my house recently. What had caught her attention was my two cherry tomato plants growing in a GrowBox in front of my house, now measuring 5 1/2 feet high and 7 1/2 feet wide and covered with tomatoes! I...

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October 18th 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

"We have been harvesting Takeda peppers all summer long. Can not believe how productive the plants have been in the GrowBox. Plenty to give away and more to dry and save over the winter!" Chris A. Frederick, MD Garden Patch™ GrowBox™ Also see discounted GOOD, BETTER,...

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October 4th 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

The first "picture was taken on June 16, 2018, of six overwintered very hot pepper plants as they came back to life. (Ghost, Carolina Reaper, Scotch Bonnet)" . The second "picture was taken today, September 28, 2018, of those same plants that had to be brought indoors...

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September 6th 2018 Weekly Photo Contest Winner

“We live in northern Minnesota, about 100 miles from Canada… We have a short growing season in northern Minnesota, but we’ll have all the tomatoes we can use… We have eaten, canned, and shared tomatoes with neighbors… The pictures are from late August which gives us...

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