"My neighbors laughed when I ordered... now
THEY ALL want a tomato garden like mine!"


GrowBox™ Giveaway Photo Search

We are happy to announce The 13th Annual GrowBox™ Photo Contest!

Imagine your GrowBox™ garden being featured on Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, Organic Gardening Magazine, MSNBC or QVC! These are just some of the places your fellow gardener’s pictures have appeared.

We want to see how much fun you’re having in your garden this summer and we’re giving away FREE Garden Patch™ Staking Kits and GrowBoxes™ to a few lucky winners just for sending in your pictures.  Here’s a great opportunity for you to share your GrowBox™ successes with others and maybe win a new Staking Kit or GrowBox™! Start sending your pictures today for your chance to win.

Here are some helpful tips for increasing your chances of winning:

  • Show the actual planter with your productive plants
  • Send additional photos that include people, pets or both in your pictures
  • Show us before and after shots as your plants thrive.
  • Show us some unusual places you’re using your GrowBoxes™
  • Show us side by side comparisons of your GrowBoxes™ with different plants
  • Shoot and send lots of pictures – there’s no limit as to how many you can submit!
  • Choose pictures that best describe and show the ease & productivity of your GrowBoxes™.  

Check out our “Customer Reviews and Testimonials for some ideas – that could be you or your garden this year.  Send as many pictures as you like. Show us your prized garden and include yourself or friends in the shots if you want.  We’d love to see what you’re growing and we’d like to share your pictures with others. Go ahead, show off your garden and maybe even win a FREE GrowBox™ or Staking Kit!

Here’s How To Enter

1 – Email Us Your Photos
Just send us your pictures as an email attachment (use the largest size and resolution that you can) to [email protected].  You can also mail them to us at the address below.

2 – Include A Short Write-Up About Your Garden And Experience With Your GrowBox™
Tell us about your garden and experience with your GrowBox™. You can talk about setting it up, your daily maintence or anything in between.

3 – If We Choose Your Photo
If we select your photos to use in our brochure or website, we’ll contact you then we’ll send a FREE Staking Kit or GrowBox™ to you or anyone you wish.

4 – FREE planters just for sharing!
We’ll also randomly select 5 photos from all entries we receive to be additional winners. We’ll send each lucky winner a FREE Staking Kit or GrowBox™ planter.

It’s that easy. You could win just by entering!  

Here are some additional tips for you:
– Don’t wait. Start sending now as we are constantly using new photos.
– Try to show the whole plant and GrowBox™ planter.
– Try to limit the amount of the background photographed.
– You can send pictures of the individual or entire GrowBox™ gardens.

Send as many different pictures as you’d like to improve your odds. We’ll be sure to look at and read each and every one!
You can submit them directly by clicking here.


You can mail them to us at:
Garden Patch Photos
PO Box 550
St Petersburg, FL 33731-0550


Best of Luck and we look forward to hearing from You!


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All Rights Reserved 2018

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