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Gardening and growing tips and strategies for both the experienced gardener and those that are brand new to growing tomatoes, vegetables and more!
  • Tomato Hornworm Damage: 9 Signs To Look For

    Tomato hornworms can destroy your tomato plant's fruits, foliage, and stems. Before tomato hornworms damage your crops, it's critical to take action to stop them. To safely grow tomatoes, you need to understand a hornworm's life cycle and how and when they attack. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to protect your…

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    tomato hornworm damage
  • How To Turn Bad Soil Into Good Soil in 5

    Are you eager to start planting this spring but worried about the quality of your soil? Our team at A Garden Patch will teach you how to turn bad soil into good soil in five simple ways so your garden can flourish this season.  The following are a few signs of damaged, nutrient-starved soil: The…

    A Garden Patch

    how to turn bad soil into good soil
  • What Is the Best Soil for Tomatoes? 6 Factors To

    Tomatoes are a lush summer vegetable that’s delicious off the vine or as an ingredient in countless dishes. You can find tomatoes in almost every home garden in many shapes, sizes, and colors. While the vegetable typically isn’t hard to grow, you’ll produce the best tomatoes if you learn how to make the plant thrive. …

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    best soil for tomatoes
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