“My Neighbors Laughed When I Ordered… Now
THEY ALL Want A Tomato Garden Like Mine!”

Garden Patch™ Resources

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Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Instructional Video

Watch this video to quickly learn how to set up your new GrowBox™

Setting Up and Planting Your GrowBox™

This is a visual guide step-by-step to setting up your GrowBox™. Downloadable PDF guide also available here.

Growing Information

Your Zone and Average Temperatures

Lookup your zone to determine the best things to grow in your particular location.

Cool and Hot Season Growing Tips

Learn what vegetables thrive according to the exact zone you live in.

Sun and Shade Growing Tips

Learn what to grow where your GrowBoxes™ are located.

Tomato Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most commonly asked questions about growing a common fruit, the tomato.

Tomato Lovers

Experience one of the greatest summer pleasures, biting into a vine-ripened tomato!

What To Grow

Deciding What To Grow

Not sure what to grow with your new GrowBox? This guide will help you to get started.

Why Choose The GrowBox™

Proven The Best

Learn about the technology behind the GrowBox™ and why it will help you grow better plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions before purchasing? Here we have listed answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Garden Patch™ GrowBox™.

Easiest Growing

Learn why garden writers and home shows are raving about the Garden Patch™ GrowBox™.

Reviews & Testimonials

Our customers rave about the results they get from using the GrowBox™. Read reviews and testimonials and see actual photos from customers.

Additional Information - Blog


Growing tips and information from growing experts in the field.

Photo Contest Winners

Every week we select a new winner from actual GrowBox™ customer photo submissions and post that to our blog here.


Award Winning Results

Recipients of the MGA Green Thumb Award!

National Home & Gardening Association

The GrowBox has received recognition among 7,795 members as a highest rated product.

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