“My Neighbors laughed when I ordered my GrowBoxes™ Now, THEY ALL want a tomato garden like mine!”

3 GrowBox Discount Bundle

7 customer reviews
✓ Save 50% off shipping with the bundle
✓ Buy 3, pay only $130.00!
✓ Grow Tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more!
✓ Grows your plants better
✓ Self-fertilizing, Self-watering
✓ No weeding, No bending
✓ No gardening experience needed
✓ Poor soil, rocky, sandy… it doesn’t matter anymore
✓ Guaranteed to work every time
Choice of Green or Terra Cotta included with regular pricing.
– Premium color options are $8.00 extra each.

$129.99 (Green & Terra Cotta)

The Garden Patch. The only garden tool you’ll ever need. Comes complete with fertilizer, simple instructions and planting guide. Tough UV treated construction lasts a lifetime. 28”L x 14”W x 12”H. 4 gal. water well. Green or Terra Cotta. New Designer Colors Now Available for an additional $8 each – Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant and Lime.

Measures 28″ long 14″ wide x 12″ high

Each GrowBoxTM includes a Free Nutrient PatchTM


  1. Jay Martinson (verified owner)

    These boxes work GREAT for tomatoes. Especially cherry tomatoes. I really wish I could afford to buy more of them to try to grow some peopers in… My last set got stolen so I bought 3 more this year.

  2. jim howes (verified owner)

    Boxes were a pain to assemble and the fit was not great. I have not used them yet because we still have snow on the ground so the jury is still out in relation to function.

  3. Rachel Sumrell (verified owner)

    I used to have these at my house and then I moved and had to leave them behind. I am so excited to have them again!!!

  4. Bill McLure (verified owner)

    My wife and I are not particularly experienced gardeners but we thought we’d give it a try this year. After reviewing different options we decided, based on the customer ratings and reviews we’d go with the Growbox.

    Love the Terra Cotta color, the sleek lines of of the grow boxes and the promised, almost maintenance free operation.

    Living in northern Colorado we don’t have the longest growing season so we’ll start indoors until the weather is warmer. Looking forward to some awesome salads, herbs and who knows what from our soon to be garden. Can’t wait!

  5. thomas smith (verified owner)

    We just planted in our new grow boxes. We had a little difficulty putting them together and found that it was easier if we left them in the sun a little so they were more “stretchable.” But, one was damaged in shipping, yet we still were able to use it. I only wish I had read that you should add dolomite to the soil before I planted them. I focused on finding the right potting mix, but didn’t read about the use of dolomite to prevent root rot until everything was planted.

    Still, I am watching with an eager eye how all this will work, especially since we have such limited patio space.

  6. Jane Bell (verified owner)

    I like these planters and so far I’m having good luck with my plantings. That being said I ordered 3 planters in February. Planters arrived and two of the three were broken. Called customer service explained my issue and a replacement was scheduled. At that time I asked that the boxes be packed so the edges would be protected from shipping damage. I received two new planters and both were broken on the edges. Called customer service for replacements and again asked that corners be protected. Received two planters and one of the two had a shattered corner. Again called customer service and again asked that corners be protected. Again the shipment was sent without proper protection for he corners, but luckily this planet arrived intact. 4 shipments and 30 days later I am finally getting my garden planted. This company had to lose money on this sale. I hope the proper people see his review and make changes in packaging so this doesn’t co tongue to be a trend

  7. Patti Hare

    When I received by shipment, it was in perfect shape. However, I had a difficult time setting up the boxes. Getting the top piece aligned with the bottom piece took more time and patience than I usually have. Also, the burlap covering with the fertilizer did not completely cover the soil. Once I planted the boxes, I used extra nails to stake down the cover. So far, so good.

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