GrowBox™ Customer Spotlight:

Bridget L. From Golden Valley, AZ

Here's What Bridget L., Says About The GrowBox™

“We live in Golden Valley, AZ, which translates into a ‘Death Valley’ type environment. We could not grow ANYTHING in this ground, it is so dry and arid, and the dirt is really difficult, practically impossible, to grow a garden. We are the envy of this desert town, and every time someone can not believe the veggies we grow here, we show them our beautiful garden! You don’t know how you have changed our lives. We live out of town and do not have access to a fresh produce store without a bit of a drive, and now we don’t even need one! We have our own salads, home-made pesto from our basil, eggplants, zucchinin, tomatoes, melons, herbs and so much more. We wanted everyone to know that if we can grow this kind of a garden here… anyone can anywhere!”

A Garden Patch™ is the creator of the Original GrowBox™ tomato planter. Through innovation, the GrowBox™ has helped 1000’s of people grow amazing gardens. The GrowBox™ is a self-contained and self-watering garden box for beginners and pros alike. The GrowBox™ works anywhere – every time – GUARANTEED!

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