GrowBox™ Customer Spotlight:

The S-A Family Triplets. From Apple Valley, CA

Here's What The S-A Family Triplets., Says About The GrowBox™

“We could not be happier with our Garden Patch Planter. It was so quick and easy to set up and is virtually maintenance free. The tomatoes are big and sweet, and our 8 year old triplets (Cole, Dane, and Chase) love to pick and eat them right off the vine! We live in a hot and dry desert climate at almost 3000′ elevation. We have not had much luck growing tomatoes (until using the Garden Patch Planter). Thank you so much for the wonderful product.”

A Garden Patch™ is the creator of the Original GrowBox™ tomato planter. Through innovation, the GrowBox™ has helped 1000’s of people grow amazing gardens. The GrowBox™ is a self-contained and self-watering garden box for beginners and pros alike. The GrowBox™ works anywhere – every time – GUARANTEED!

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