“My Neighbors laughed when I ordered my GrowBoxes™ Now, THEY ALL want a tomato garden like mine!”

6 GrowBox Discount Bundle

$249.99 (Green & Terra Cotta)

✓ Save 75% off shipping with the bundle
✓ Buy 6, you’ll save $30.40 pay just $250.00
✓ Pick 60lbs of tomatoes and replace an entire in-ground garden!
✓ Grows your plants better
✓ Self-fertilizing, Self-watering
✓ No weeding, No bending
✓ No gardening experience needed
✓ Poor soil, rocky, sandy… it doesn’t matter anymore
✓ Guaranteed to work every timeNOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH SEEDS OR POTTING MIX
Choice of Green or Terra Cotta included with regular pricing.
– Premium color options are $8.00 extra each.

For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam & US Virgin Islands:
There is a $7 per GrowBox charge to cover the USPS Priority Mail charges. For other items, $7 per order.