“My Neighbors laughed when I ordered my GrowBoxes™ Now, THEY ALL want a tomato garden like mine!”

Deciding What To Grow

Deciding On What To Grow #

Grow any vegetables or flowers from seeds or plant starts. All you add is the potting mix!

The design of the Garden Patch™ ensures your success. You’ll grow tomatoes and peppers as easily as you grow onions, cucumbers, and beans. There’s no guessing about how often to water or when to add fertilizer. The Grow Box™ by Garden Patch™ does it for you. Simply lay the Nutrient Patch™ on top of the soil, plant your plants and add water. It couldn’t be easier. There’s no wondering what your plants need – The Garden Patch™ provides it! Everything you plant will grow perfectly.

It’s easy – just pace it off – one large pace per Grow Box™ is all the space you’ll need.

We’re warning you, once you see how great your plants are growing, you’ll want to plant more varieties. Save yourself from ordering twice and order 10 GrowBoxes™ now. With our hi-density gardening system, you maximize the amount you grow with the least effort and space.

Here are some recommendations based on what other’s like you are growing. #

Type Of Plant# of GrowBoxex™ NeededPer GrowBox™
Tomatoes1 – 2Plant up to 2 varieties per Grow BoxTM – Slicing, Cherry, Roma, Grape
Herbs1 -2Plant 6 – 8 types per Grow BoxTM – Basil, Chives, Oregano, Dill
Salad2 – 31 for lettuce, greens, and spinach – 1 or 2 for Cucumbers, Peppers, Onions…
Condiments1 – 21 for Tomatoes and 1 for Lettuce, Onions, Peppers, Cucumbers
Fun Things1+Grow flowers, strawberries, corn

Here’s An Easy Way To Decide How Many GrowBoxes™ To Order #

Just figure 1 to 2 different varieties of plants per Garden Patch™. Then just pace it off – one large pace per Garden Patch™ Grow Box™ is all the space you’ll need. The instructions included with your order will show you exactly how many plants of each variety to plant and where to plant them. It’s that simple.

ArtichokeChardLentilsPeppers – TabascoSpring greens
AsparagusCollard greensLimasPumpkinsStrawberries
Black-eyed peasEggplantOnionsRhubarbTurnips
Brussels sproutsFennelParsnipRutabagaWatermelon
CabbageGarlicPeasSalad GreensWhite radish
CantaloupeGingerPeppers – BellShallotsWild leeks
CarrotsKalePeppers – CayenneSnow peasWinter melon
CauliflowerKohlrabiPeppers – HabaneroSpaghetti squashYellow squash
CeleryLeekPeppers – JalapenoSpinachZucchini

HERBS for Cooking or just their great fragrances. You can plant 6 to 8 varieties in each Grow Box™. #

AlexandersCorianderHyssopMilk thistleRosemary
BasilCostmaryKaffir Lime LeavesMintSage
BergamotCressLavenderMullienSalad Burnet
Bison grassDamianaLemon balmMustardSavory
BorageDevil’s clawLemon MyrtleOreganoSweet cicely
ChervilDillLemon verbenaPandan leafSweet woodruff
ChivesEvening primroseLemongrassParsleyTansy