“My Neighbors laughed when I ordered my GrowBoxes™ Now, THEY ALL want a tomato garden like mine!”

Mosquito Dunks 6-Pack

MOSQUITO DUNKS® Kills Mosquitoes Before They’re Old Enough To Bite! ®

✓ Safe For Use In Fish Habitats
✓ Place In Containerized Standing
✓ Water Wherever It Accumulates
✓ Near the Household:
✓ Flower Pots · Tree Holes · Bird Baths
✓ Roof Gutters · Rain Barrels · Old Tires
✓ Unused Swimming Pools
✓ Animal Watering Troughs


Great News! We have teamed up to offer our customers a great organic product that can be used to prevent mosquitos from breeding, not just in their GrowBoxes™ but anywhere that they might breed. Mosquito Dunks™ are made of a natural bacteria, like yogurt and are 100% safe for edible crops. In fact, Organic Farmers place them directly into the water troughs of their cattle. Each “dunk” can treat a large 100 square foot area for 30 days. For GrowBoxes™, each Dunk can be broken into 1/4’s and each piece can be placed in one water well for 30 days of protection. That means that one Dunk can treat one GrowBox™ for 4 months or it can be used to treat 4 GrowBoxes™ for 1 month.


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